Ares Macrotechnology

Primary Business Ares Macrotechnology Inc. has interests in a wide range of industries. Major divisions and subsidiaries such as Knight Errant Security, Inc., Ares Arms, AresSpace, and Ares Global Entertainment make the parent corp a healthy profit in security, weapons, munitions and other military/security equipment, aerospace, entertainment, and many other areas. A wide-ranging business empire, Ares extends its interests through minor subsidiaries to such diverse markets as simsense, utilities, fashion, biotech, automotive engineering, and scientific research. Corporate Structure The parent corporation, Ares Macrotechnology Inc., is a public corporation based in Detriot, UCAS, with 11 series of shares and 9 of debentures trading on virtual stock exchanges around the globe. At present, company president and CEO Damien Knight is the prime shareholder in the corporation, with the current chairman of the board, Leonard Aurelius, holding marginally fewer voting shares. Several million registered shareholders divide the remaining shares between them.

Knight and Aurelius seem to be carying on a bitter personal feud. Up until 2049, Knight served as both chairman of the board and CEO of Ares. Through a cunning proxy campaign, Aurelius gained control of the board and ousted Knight, taking over the chairman's position. Knight apparently took this maneuver as a personal slight, and has done everything in his power to make Aurelius' life as miserable as possible. Major Divisions Because of its wide range of business interests, Ares is structured differently from most other megacorps. Instead of basing its divisions solely on region or function, Ares does both. Ares UCAS is one of its regional divisions, whereas Ares Arms is a functional division.

Under this system of organization, diffrent functional areas such as Ares Arms, AresSpace, Knight Errant, and Ares Global Entertainment operate as independent megacorps. For example, AresSpace has its own international HQ located in Houston. That division also has regional and functional subdivisions, such as AresSpace CommSat and AresSpace Lifters UCAS.

The parent company's Detroit HQ has an additional set of subdivisions based entirely on region. For example, Ares-CAS spawns subdivisions such as Ares-Atlanta. These regional divisions serve as management corps and holding companies for the many subsidiaries Ares owns or controls in hundreds of industry segments.

Executives & Big Wigs:

World Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, 
UCAS President/CEO: Damien Knight 
Chairman of the Board: Damien Knight 
Corporate Status: Public Corporation 
Major Shareholders:
Arthur Yogol (24.1% approximately)
Damien Knight (23.7X approximately)
Nodja Davior (12.2% approximately)

Major Subsidiaries:

Knight Errant Security
Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, UCAS Executive VP: Roger Soaring Owl Ares Arms
Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, UCAS Executive VP: General Guido Cantarelli AresSpace
Headquarters: Houston, Texas, CAS Executive VP: Cborles Pollack Ares Global Entertainment Headquarters: Paris, France Executive VP: Guslov Yon Sydow

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan. 
UCAS Executive VP: Eugene Fischer 

Other Subsidiaries: 
Ares Consumer Electronics, Ares Global (ommsal. Ares Integrated Solutions, Ares Small Arms, Crystal Optics, Hard Corps, Leviathan Technical, lifescape, Moslraw, 
NASA Consulting Inc., National Broadcasting Service, Osprey Technical Publications, Pratt & Whitney, Quick Trigger Systems, 
Silicon Valley/Apple Computer Products, Weapons World