Xen Hair

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The '''Xen Hair'''Its entity name is a plant-like organism found on the borderworld Xen.

The Xen Hair resembles a real-world, black, mammal hair. It is completely inoffensive, has no AI, doesn't react to the player's presence, and only flaps in the wind. Often found around and in Healing Pools, it seems to inhabit wild and wet locations, living alone or in a group of up to four organisms.


FileXen trees sun.jpg|Xen Hair near Xen Trees.
FileBa xen20005.jpg|Around a Healing Pool.
FilePool hounds.jpg|Ditto.
FileBullsquid Xen Op4.jpg|Near a drinking Bullsquid.

==List of appearances==
* ''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
* ''Half-Life Opposing Force''
* ''Half-Life Blue Shift''
* ''Half-Life Decay''

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