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The '''X-Lab''' is a location that was cut from ''Half-Life''.

The X-Lab is believed to be the predecessor of the Lambda Complex. The Reactor Lab (c3a2) maps in the Half-Life Alpha|Alpha version use "Xlab1 - Energy" as the level titles. The area is described as one of the first of several research labs. The player was to flood the reactor core to reach the inaccessible areas above.Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha (version 0.52) Walkthrough (WalkThru.doc) (September 4, 1997) There is an elevator next to a locker room that could be for going to the map c3a3, but the map is not present in the build. It is unknown if the Communications Center (c3a1) was intended to be part of X-Lab or not. The Female Scientist|head scientist was to have "X-Lab" written on the back of her lab coat.

In the map c3a3c,Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha (version .61) Notes (Half Life Main v6.doc) (August 26, 1998) there was to be an audio lab used for sonic weapon research. Here, a blast-proof, glass door was to prevent further progress. The player was to play with the sound equipment (nicknamed Equivocator) in the room and accidentally burst a scientist below. The goal was to configure the speakers from the room below and adjust the equipment to shatter the door with the power of sound.''WikipediaPC Gamer|PC Gamer'' (UK), Issue 45 (July 1997), page 49 The textures for the equipment can be found in the Alpha files.{{abbr3|i|The filenames are lab1_equ1, lab1_skr1.}}

There is a lobby featured in some of the pre-release screenshots. The filename for one of these screenshots is "''Half-Life.html">FileHLPF 01.png|xlab3c00".''Half-Life'' - E3 1997 Press Pack The built-in screenshot tool names the files after the maps, which means the name of the map was "xlab3c". A modified version of the lobby can be found in one of the technology demos (map maindemo) in Alpha. It is speculated that the FileTeaser stairs.png|stairs behind the reception area of the Communications Center was to lead to the lobby, because both areas look similar.

The X-Lab maps were cut following the game's significant reworking in late 1997. The Reactor Labs maps eventually evolved into the Sector F|Lambda Reactor Core featured in the chapter ''Lambda Core'' which shares the same general premise.


FileHLPF 05.png|Reactor Lab, c3a2.
FileHLPF 09.png|Ditto, c3a2a.
FileEarly reactor core.jpg|Ditto, c3a2a.
FileHLPF 03.png|c3a3 pistons.
FileHLPF 08.png|c3a3c sound room.
FileSound room.jpg|Ditto.
FileLab1 equipment.png|The equalizer.
FileC3a4a buttons.jpg|Ditto.
File0045-early_barney.JPG|Ditto.{{abbr3|i|The large machine from the first two screenshots can be seen in the level editor images. This part of the map was used in a technology demo (map maindemo) in Alpha.}}
File0004-early lab1.JPG|Ditto.
File0003-sci scared early.JPG|Ditto.
FileHeadcrab hl1 beta jumping.jpg|Ditto.
FileHLPF 17.png|Ditto.
FileHeadcrab hl1 beta.jpg|Ditto.
FileWcscreen1.png|Ditto, in level editor.
FileWcscreen2.png|Ditto, in level editor.
FileWcscreen4.png|Ditto, in level editor.


FileUnknown hall01.jpg|A hall.
FileValve video05.png|http//youtu.be/UUI5mOohR6E?t=23s Above the hall.
FileValve video01.png|http//youtu.be/UUI5mOohR6E?t=31s The lobby.
FileHl early BJ 30.jpg|Ditto.
FileHLPF 01 other.jpg|Ditto.
FileValve c. 1998 (PICTURE).jpg|Ditto.
FileMP barney.jpg|Ditto, in a tech demo.
File0001-3dfx barney3 fall.jpg|Ditto, in a tech demo.


FileRtb 058.jpg|The Female Scientist|head scientist.
FileF science.png|Ditto, textures.


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