X-8973 and R-4913

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'''X-8973 and R-4913''' are the Vortigaunt protagonists of the ''Half-Life Decay'' bonus chapter ''Xen Attacks'' that can be unlocked by the player who manages to obtain an A rank on all of the regular missions.''Versus Books Official Half-Life Perfect Guide''

In ''Xen Attacks'', both players play as Vortigaunts, "Drone Subjects" X-8973 and R-4913, two Vortigaunts sent to Earth by Nihilanth. Although short on story, the mission gives some unique insight into the Vortigaunts' role in the Black Mesa Incident as well as new layout information pertaining to the facility, notably expanding the Sector E Transport|Materials Transport area introduced at the end of ''Opposing Force''.

The mission the Nihilanth has assigned X-8973 and R-4913 is the retrieval of Xen crystal|crystals stolen from Xen by the Black Mesa Science Team which uses them for research.''Half-Life Decay'', ''Xen Attacks'' - Mission Briefing Earthlings have stolen valuable materials for their research. Reclaim the stolen crystals.

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There is also an unlockable Vortigaunt (player character)|Alien Mode that allows the player to play through the normal ''Half-Life'' campaign as a Vortigaunt.

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