When Gordon Met Chell

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| director       = Michael Shanks
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| based on       = ''Half-Life 2''
''Portal 2'' | music = Michael Shanks
Craig Jansson | cinematography = | editing = | studio = Timtimfed | distributor = | released = October 13, 2012 | runtime = 000437 | country = Australia | language = English | budget = | gross = }} '''''When Gordon Met Chell''''' is a short independent fan film inspired by the Half-Life and Portal universe|''Half-Life'' and ''Portal'' series. It was released on YouTube on October 13, 2012. ==Plot== FileWhen Gordon Met Chell.jpg|200px|left|thumb|Gordon and Chell. The story picks up when Chell (Samantha Chiodo) exits Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Aperture at the end of ''Portal 2''. She soon reaches a City 17 under siege and eventually encounters Gordon Freeman (Michael Shanks). They soon band together and fight the Combine (Mark Taylor and Damien Bodie) mostly by combining the abilities of their Gravity Gun|Gravity and Portal Gun|Portal guns, to humorous effect. ==Production== ''When Gordon Met Chell'' was filmed with a budget of "absolutely nothing" at the http//www.steamrail.com.au/ Steamrail Victoria in WikipediaWilliamstown, Victoria|Williamstown, Australia. The props were created by Shanks and his father Paul. The film was released through Shanks' YouTube channel https//www.youtube.com/user/timtimfed Timtimfed, which specialize in gaming/film-oriented action/humor videos. ==External links== *{{YouTube|Zcdd5wUwubE|When Gordon Met Chell}} {{FanRW}} CategoryFan films