Wave Canceller

{{TranslatedName|WikipediaJapanese language|Japanese|ウェーブキャンセラー}}
{{Weapon Infobox
| image=FileWave Canceller Red Deployed.png|250px
| name=Wave Canceller
| type=WikipediaRadar jamming and deception|Radar jammer
| maxammo=3
| operation=Press button to deploy the antenna
| health=1
| usedby=Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer ({{SIS}})
| entity=*weapon_canceler_mp
(weapon entity) *grenade_canceler (placed) }} The '''Wave Canceller''', also known as the '''W-Canseller''' ''sic'', is a Survivor Gold|purchasable weapon in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor'', available to the Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer for 80,000 SG. ==Overview== Similarly to the primary mode of the S.L.A.M and the Powershake, the Wave Canceller can be placed on various surfaces, including walls, floors and different props. If the player holding it is standing close to a suitable surface, a retractable parabolic antenna will be deployed, after which the Wave Canceller can be placed by using the primary attack. The placed Wave Canceller interferes with the radars of enemy players who are within its signal range, making them unable to see anything on their radar. The position of affected players will also be constantly shown on the other team's radar until they get further away from the Wave Canceller or destroy it. Active Wave Cancellers emit funnel-shaped particles, which give away its position. It can be easily destroyed after one hit with any weapon, and will explode without dealing any damage. If it was placed on a physical prop, it will also explode if that prop is moved. ==Tactics== It is preferable to place the Wave Canceller in a place which can not be reached easily, or where it will be hard to notice. Wave Cancellers placed too far from the battlefield, however, will not be of any use, as it has a limited range. ==Trivia== Wave Canceller's operating frequency is 69.90 MHz, as seen written on its side. ==Gallery== Wave Canceller HUD.png|HUD icon. HL2S WCanceller.png|Loadout icon. Wave Canceller Blue.png|Worldmodel, blue team. Wave Canceller Red Deployed.png|Worldmodel, red team with the antenna deployed. Wave Canceller Red Deployed Side.png|Ditto, side view. Wave Canceller Viewmodel Blue Deployed.jpg|Blue team's viewmodel, with the antenna deployed. Wave Canceller Viewmodel Red.jpg|Red team's viewmodel. Wave Canceller Blue Placed.jpg|Blue Wave Canceller placed on the ground. Wave Canceller Red Placed.jpg|Red Wave Canceller placed on the Provisional Shield. Wave Canceller Effect 1.jpg|Player's radar while within the range of the enemy Wave Canceller. Wave Canceller Effect 2.jpg|Ditto. ==List of appearances== *''Half-Life 2 Survivor'' {{1st}} {{Nc}} ==External links== *{{IA|20100830060131/http//hl2survivor.net/ver2/item_40.html|Wave Canceller|the official ''Survivor'' website}} *http//www7.atwiki.jp/hl2survivor2/pages/25.html#37 Wave Canceller on the ''Survivor'' wiki {{Multiplayer}} CategoryWeapons CategoryHalf-Life 2 Survivor