Wasteland Scanner

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| image=FileWasteland Scanner.jpg|250px
| name=Wasteland Scanner
| affiliation=Combine
| type=Machine
| health=
| weapons=*3 lasers
*1 grenade launcher
| entity=npc_wscanner
| designer=Ted Backman''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

The '''Wasteland Scanner'''Development of Half-Life 2 game|''Half-Life 2'' leak files is a Scanner cut from ''Half-Life 2'' in favor of the Shield Scanner, another Scanner.

FileWasteland Scanner con.jpg|Concept art for the Wasteland Scanner, clearly showing WikipediaH. R. Giger|H.R. Giger's influence on Ted Backman's work.|left|thumb|150px

*As its name implies, it was to be encountered in the Wasteland, notably in the Coast chapters (in areas such as the Air Exchange), but also during the uprising in City 17.WC mappack

*While the single model featured in the ''Half-Life 2'' leak files has no animations, the models of pairs or trios (that have their textures missing, although the preview files show them green, in the vein of the concept art) have several. They include some sort of moving eyelid and very expressive "join" animations where one or two Scanners are seen joining another lonely one, in a ballet-like attitude similar to dolphins or birds, where they are seen turning around each other, while the lonely one watches them arriving, turning on itself. They then "stick" together to create a close formation. Indeed, a Scanner was to be able to summon one or two others to create a pack that would fire lasers at the player. Upon being fired at they would separate and fire grenades with the launcher featured on the left side, linked to the main body with two bright "pipes".{{YouTube|url=PpTtDk3mNDE|text=Wasteland Scanner flock demonstration with fixed models and A.I.}} In the WC mappack, three Wasteland-like maps, named "wscanner" 1 to 3, last edited March 2001, were apparently used by the developers to test the abilities of the scanners, in formation and alone. The contain Wasteland Scanner formations flying around and attacking the player.WC mappack

*The grenade sound file is still present in the ''Half-Life 2'' sound folder, in the folder "npc/waste_scanner", as "grenade_fire.wav".
*The FileWs markings1.png|"7" like symbol featured on its left side is seen again in the FileOverwatch Soldier triangle arm.svg|triangle insignia featured on the Overwatch Soldier's right arm.


FileSynth Scanner.jpg|Concept art for a Synth Scanner.
FileRecon Synth.jpg|Ditto, here named "Recon Synth".
FileWScanner Single.jpg|Green Wasteland Scanner, with the grenade launcher on the right, and the three lasers on the left.
FileWasteland scanner front.jpg|Orange Wasteland Scanner, with a different texture inside the grenade launcher.
FileWasteland scanner back.jpg|Rear view.
FileWasteland Scanner grenade.jpg|Wasteland Scanner grenade model.
FileWasteland Scanner logo.svg|Red "clamp" Combine logo featured on its right side.
FileWs markings1.png|Markings featured on its left side.
FileWs markings2.png|Markings featured on its front.

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*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' {{1st}} {{Nc}} {{C|As "Recon Synth"}}

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