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| name=Warpball
| type=Teleportation effect
| affiliation=Xen
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| entity=env_beam and env_sprite
env_warpball | designer= | hidei= | hideu=yes | hideg= }} The '''Warpball'''{{IA|20051026043808/http//valve-erc.com/files/?file{{=}}/files/resources/hlbs_sdk.zip|''Half-Life Blue Shift'' - Level Design SDK|Valve ERC (August 31, 2001)}} is the name of the warp-in effect when aliens from Xen teleport into a location. It can be seen in ''Half-Life'' and its expansions. It was first named in the Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|Dreamcast version of ''Half-Life Blue Shift''. ===Overview=== {{Main|Teleportation}} In ''Half-Life'' and ''Half-Life Opposing Force'', the warpball effect is a combination of entities producing sprites, beams, and sound effects. It appears as a small flashing transparent green ball that emits green light with energy beams projecting out of it. It was replaced in the Dreamcast port of ''Half-Life'' with env_warpball, a single entity which handles all of its creation. This allowed for easier placements of the effect in the maps by level designers. They can be obstructed to prevent the enemies from teleporting in. In ''Blue Shift'' and later installments, warpballs damage the player in close proximity when they spawn. This was most likely added to discourage the player from blocking them. ===Gallery=== FileWarpball01.jpg|env_warpball in a test map. FileWarpball02.jpg FileWarpball03.jpg|A Vortigaunt teleporting in. FileWarpball04.jpg ==List of appearances== *''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}} *''Half-Life'' *Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|''Half-Life'' (Dreamcast port) {{C|as env_warpball}} *Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|''Half-Life'' (PlayStation 2 port) {{C|as env_warpball}} *''Half-Life Opposing Force'' *''Half-Life Blue Shift'' {{C|as env_warpball}} *''Half-Life Decay'' {{C|as env_warpball}} ==References== {{Reflist}} {{Quantum}} CategoryQuantum events