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The following is a list of '''Vortigaunt/Quotes|quotes from the Vortigaunts''', from ''Half-Life 2''.

'''Location''' sound/vo/npc/vortigaunt

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|We remember the Freeman. We are coterminous.
|Filevmono 03.ogg
|There is no distance between us. No false veil of time or space may intervene.
|Filevmono 04.ogg
|We see you still in Black Mesa. Clearly we see you in the Nihilanth's chamber.
|Filevmono 05.ogg
|We bear witness to the bright eternity of the Nihilanth's demise. You leap, you fall, we see you flash between the barriers.
|Filevmono 06.ogg
|For a brief time you joined us. You are one. Between the worlds.
|Filevmono 07.ogg
|Communion of the vortessence. And that other a deeper mystery. No deeper than the void itself.
|Filevmono 08.ogg
|We cannot forget those whose cords you cut. Forgiveness is not ours to bestow.
|Filevmono 09.ogg
|Unity of purpose, the shattering of common shackles, a single road we tread.
|Filevmono 10.ogg
|Your song we sing and shall sing for eternity. No matter the consequences of this struggle.
|Filevmono 11.ogg
|You have brought us grief and jubilation beyond measure.
|Filevmono 12.ogg
|We are there still, in observance of your final stroke.
|Filevmono 13.ogg
|While our own lay scattered at your feet, you severed the vortal cord that bound the Nihilanth to life, and to us.
|Filevmono 14.ogg
|That sharp spur of hope has not dulled to this day. For once the lesser master lay defeated, we knew the greater must also fall in time.
|Filevmono 15.ogg
|With you besides us, a talisman of victory, the day of freedom draws nigh.
|Filevmono 16.ogg
|Your bright face obscures your darker mask.
|Filevmono 17.ogg
|We call you sib, although your mind and meaning are a mystery to us.
|Filevmono 18.ogg
|Far distant eyes look out through yours.
|Filevmono 19.ogg
|Something secret steers us both. We shall not name it.
|Filevmono 20.ogg
|We have endured these chafing bonds for eons, yet a single moment of further servitude seems intolerable!
|Filevmono 21.ogg
|How often have we slipped our yoke, only to find it choking us again.
|Filevmono 22.ogg
|Let this war end in either total victory or our extinction. No further compromise shall we allow.
|Filevmono 23.ogg
|We take our stand beside you, here, upon this miserable rock.
|Filevmono 24.ogg
|The way ahead is dark for the moment.
|Filevmono 25.ogg
|What seems to you a sacrifice is merely, to us, an oscillation. We do not fear the interval of darkness.
|Filevmono 26.ogg
|We are a tapestry woven of vortessence. It is the same for you if only you would see it.
|Filevmono 27.ogg
|How many are there in you? Whose hopes and dreams do you encompass?
|Filevmono 28.ogg
|Could you but see the eyes inside your own, the minds in your mind, you would see how much we share.
|Filevmono 29.ogg
|We are you, Freeman. And you are us.
|Filevmono 30.ogg

==Black Mesa East==

'''Location''' sound/vo/eli_lab

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|The Eli Vance almost perceives the All-in-One.
|Filevort elab use01.ogg
|The Eli Vance has earned our trust.
|Filevort elab use02.ogg
|The Eli Vance was our first collaborator.
|Filevort elab use03.ogg
|The Eli Vance is indispensable to the liberation.
|Filevort elab use04.ogg
|We are pleased that the Eli Vance thinks so highly of the Freeman.
|Filevort elab use05.ogg

==Vortigaunt Shepherd==

'''Location''' sound/vo/coast

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|The Freeman honors us by his presence.
|The Freeman will now be instructed in the use of pheropods.
|Attend, now, and learn to shepherd antlions with this so-called bug-bait.
|The Freeman will now break out his pheropods and toss one into yonder pit.
|The Freeman must not delay Hurl that pheropod into the pit.
|Filevbaittrain02 nag.ogg
|The Freeman can also coax his antlions to attack specific targets. Observe the training manikin, and mark it well with another pheropod.
|Hurl your bug-bait hard against the dummy.
|Filevbaittrain03 nag.ogg
|Now, attend well. Apply pressure to your pheropod, to signal the antlions in your command to follow you.
|The Freeman must squeeze his bug-bait sharply if he wishes the antlions to follow where he leads.
|Filevbaittrain04 nag.ogg
|And now this one must bid the Freeman farewell. Nova Prospekt lies just beyond. Remember well what you have learned here. The Eli Vance has greatest confidence in you.
|The Freeman again excels at all tasks!
|Filevbaittrain fine.ogg
|The Freeman shows his excellence in all things.
|Filevbaittrain gotit.ogg
|The Freeman has done well.
|Filevbaittrain great.ogg
|The Freeman will do wise to heed our extraction of the myrmidont's aromatic pheropods. The process is not entirely hygienic. Therefore, stand aside.
|Filevort extract01.ogg
|The Freeman must retrieve the fallen pheropods without delay!
|Filevort podnag.ogg
|The Freeman will have need of these pheropods on the paths ahead. Gather them now.
|Filevort podsforyou01.ogg

==Vortigaunt Camp==

'''Location''' sound/vo/coast

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|The Freeman must excuse us. It is rude of us to commune by flux shifting in front of those whose vortal inputs are impaired.
|Filevgossip 01.ogg
|Yes, we will vocalize in your auditory language as a matter of courtesy.
|Filevgossip 02.ogg
|Unless we wish to say unflattering things about you.
|Filevgossip 03.ogg
|Just so.
|Filevgossip 04.ogg


'''Location''' sound/vo/npc/vortigaunt

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|Accept a charge.
|Accept energy.
|Gladly we accompany.
|We have lost all dear to us.
|That is all for now.
|All in one and one in all.
|Allow me.
|Allow us to recharge your cells.
|That is all we can spare.
|All we have is yours.
|As you wish.
|Can we be of service?
|This body is yours to command.
|Calm yourself.
|Can we not convince you otherwise?
|We cannot fire without harm to the Freeman.
|Caution, Freeman!
|We never dreamed to meet you in corporeal form.
|We dedicate ourselves to your purpose.
|We have dreamed of this moment.
|Empower us!
|Its energy empowers us.
|We fear we have failed you.
|Freeman, beware!
|The Freeman can make use of this.
|The Freeman does us honor.
|The Freeman honors us.
|The Freeman is in our way.
|The Freeman knows best.
|The Freeman must beware!
|The Freeman must follow.
|The Freeman must move.
|The Freeman must stand still.
|Follow, Freeman.
|For Freedom! (''Airboat gun Vortigaunt in the Canals'')
|For the Freeman!
|Give over your essence.
|To our glorious end.
|Greetings to the Freeman.
|Here we stay.
|Filehold vort.ogg
|Hold still or we cannot charge you.
|Hold still.
|To our honor we follow you.
|The honor is ours.
|Our cause seems hopeless.
|If you move we cannot help you.
|Is it the Freeman?
|It is an honor.
|It is the Freeman.
|That should keep the Freeman safe.
|Lead on.
|Lead us.
|We live to serve.
|There is more to the Freeman than meets the eye.
|We cannot heal a moving target.
|Our purpose is mutual.
|We serve the same mystery.
|So the neuroprints are true.
|The Freeman must now hurry on! The Eli Vance is held in distress most dire! (''Vortigaunt in N.L.O., in sound/coast/odessa'')
|Filenlo vort exit.ogg
|Node and nexus, feed upon this life!
|Your mind is opaque.
|We cannot read the Freeman's optical buds.
|By our honor.
|Our place is here.
|Pass on!
|This is more than anyone can bear, but we will persevere.
|With pleasure.
|Our finest poet describes it thus Gallum galla gilla ma.
|Prepare to receive energy.
|We shall prevail.
|Propitious alliance.
|We will put aside Black Mesa... for now.
|Is there reason for delay?
|This is regrettable.
|You must remember us from Black Mesa.
|Return to the all in one.
|Return to the void.
|If you are truly the Freeman, we salute you.
|Is this the Freeman we see before our eyes?
|We have survived worse across the ages.
|Perhaps we will serve you better here.
|Stand clear.
|We are still here.
|We surge.
|Freeman, take us with you.
|The tether is cut.
|That is all.
|The Freeman.
|To the void with you.
|That one shall trouble us no more.
|Truly it is the Freeman.
|Undeserving of consciousness.
|We remain unconvinced.
|You're not the first to harbor such illusions.
|We believe the opposite.
|It is just as well.
|We expected as much.
|Idle speculation.
|Your concern is touching.
|Don't rely on it..
|Assume nothing.
|Nothing of the sort.
|You are deluded.
|We wish you were right.
|Excuse our gauche vicissitudes.
|We beg your awareness.
|Likewise, we are sure.
|The feeling is mutual.
|This is unaccustomed.
|It is all one in the plenitude.
|The Freeman will accept this weapon, or suffer greatly on the road ahead! (''Airboat gun Vortigaunt in the Canals, in sound/vo/coast/barn'')
|Filevmech accept.ogg
|Ah ghurrrr...
|Lung gah...
|Ga la lung...
|Churr galing chur alla gung...
|Chur lung gong chella gurr...
|This is the Freeman. The Combine's reckoning has come.
|Filevort reckoning.ogg
|We have lost all dear to us.
|The Combine will pay in kind for their depravity.
|Hope is in sight.
|This marks a turning point.
|Such pessimism will doom us all.
|We have survived darker times.
|We are mindful of the words of our greatest philosopher companum gannennen vorgenot!
|You humans, always in the qualidity.
|We deem this company inviolable.
|Your companionship is greatly belabored.
|Ware, Freeman!
|Warning to the Freeman.
|We are yours.
|Freeman, we could be of use to you.
|We claim you.
|We follow the Freeman.
|We are honored.
|We know you.
|Well met, Freeman.
|We shall share the vortessence.
|We will charge you.
|We will help you.
|Where to now? And to what end?
|We will remain if you so instruct.
|Our life is worthless unless spent on freedom.
|Fileyes vort.ogg
|Yes, forward.

==Unused quotes==
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|Is it the Freeman?
|Comes a man? It is! The Freeman!

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|N/A, no transcript available
|The Freeman must not proceed without the tau particle cannon!
|N/A, no transcript available
|This tau cannon once killed many of our kind. Use it wisely.

==Behind the scenes==
The four vmech_ lines are a remnant of how the Tau Cannon was once to be removed from the Scout Car, apparently at Lighthouse Point.

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