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| name=Voltigore
| affiliation=Race X
| type=Heavy support infantry
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| weapons=*Front claws
*Purple electrical attack
| entity=*monster_alien_voltigore
| designer=*Brian Martelhttp//bluesnews.com/cgi-bin/finger.pl?id=305&time=19990907022620 .plan file of Brian Martel on Blue's News (September 7, 1999)
*Stephen Bahl{{IA|20020809101006/http//gearboxsoftware.com/stephenb.html|Stephen Bahl's Profile|the official Gearbox Software website}}

The '''Voltigore''' is a large Race X creature encountered in ''Half-Life Opposing Force''. It is first introduced in the game's eighth chapter, ''Half-Life Opposing Force storyline 8 Vicarious Reality|Vicarious Reality'', in the Biodome Complex.


Voltigores are large, brown, burly creatures that have four legs and two arms that end in scythe-like claws. On their backs are five vivid purple stripes, followed by a long tail. Behind their tentacled faces are mouths similar to those of a Pit Drone, but with round teeth. They appear to be eyeless as well.

Voltigores can be seen in various locations throughout Black Mesa Research Facility|Black Mesa although they seem to prefer dark, damp environments As seen in the several disused tunnels located beneath the surface of Sector G, a large population of Voltigores, as well as nests, hatched eggs, and infant Voltigores, can be found.

==Behavior and skills==

*These aggressive creatures use their innate ability to harness electrical charges to create a devastating ranged energy bolt attack (apparently created by joining three smaller charges coming from their mouths and front claws), bearing some similarity to the Vortigaunt's green energy stream, though the Voltigore's energy attack takes the form of a slow-moving purple projectile, and is much more lethal.

*At close range, they attack viciously with their claws.

*When a Voltigore dies, it tends to fall on the side, after which its carapace quickly explodes, causing massive damage to anything in the vicinity.


Infant Voltigores are much smaller, slower, and weaker, and they cannot use the energy attack commonly used by the adult form. Despite this, they will make valiant efforts to use it, simply producing a harmless purple spark.

They can be identified by their pale pink color and high-pitched, pig-like vocalizations.

While at a great disadvantage in battle thanks to their under-developed bodies, infant Voltigores are just as aggressive as their parents and will not hesitate to attack.


*Adrian Shephard first meets the Voltigore in Sector E's Biodome Complex, where one has overrun a Houndeye Specimen Observation Area, as seen in the ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'' chapter ''Half-Life Opposing Force storyline 8 Vicarious Reality|Vicarious Reality''.

*In the chapter ''Half-Life Opposing Force storyline 10 Foxtrot Uniform|Foxtrot Uniform'', Shephard travels through the tunnels beneath the surface of Sector G, where he finds a colony, with eggs and infants. They also populate the surface of Sector G after the defeat of the Black Ops in protecting the area against Race X, aided by Shock Troopers. 

*Later in Shephard's journey, during the chapter ''Half-Life Opposing Force storyline 11 "The Package"|"The Package"'', they swarm the surface around Sector E's Sector E Storage Facility|Ordinance Storage Facility, again aided by Shock Troopers.


*The best weapon to quickly dispatch a Voltigore is the Displacer Cannon. If the weapon is unavailable or too much of a risk to use, the SAW is a good alternative.

*Infant Voltigores can be eaten like the Headcrab by the Barnacle Gun.


FileBaby Voltigore.jpg|Infant Voltigore model.
FileVoltigore egg.jpg|Hatched egg model.
FileVolt pre-attack.jpg|Voltigore preparing for an electrical attack in the Biodome Complex.
FileVolt attack.jpg|The Voltigore launching its attack.
FileOf5a200005.jpg|Another Voltigore preparing for an attack in the pitch black corridors in Sector G.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-48-25-10.jpg|Voltigore shooting at Shephard.
FileFoxtrot Uniform 3.jpg|Infant Voltigore and egg in a nest.
FileOf5a20002.jpg|Infant Voltigores and egg in a nest.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-57-41-72.jpg|Nesting Voltigore.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-52-56-70.jpg|Idle Voltigore in the pitch black corridors in Sector G.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-52-49-79.jpg|Ditto.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-59-32-97.jpg|Voltigore hiding behind vegetation.
FileFoxtrot Uniform4.jpg|Two Shock Troopers and a Voltigore in the hangar area behind the dam in Sector G.
FileBlack ops apache voltigore.jpg|An adult Voltigore being attacked by an Apache in Sector E.
FileOp4 install4.png|Staged screenshot of Shephard and his comrades battling Shock Troopers and a Voltigore.

==List of appearances==
*https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB-fZ9dL5U0 ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' Teaser {{1st}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''


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