Violet Crystal

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'''Violet Crystals''',''Half-Life Prima Guide'' also known as '''Flowers''',env_laser's entity name are hostile alien organisms featured in ''Half-Life''.

Violet Crystals are stationary alien organisms seen in the alien world Xen. They consist of a triangular purple body attached to a stem from the ceiling. When the player is nearby, they act like a gun turret and fire purple laser beams at the player. They don't pose as big of a threat as other alien creatures. The player is able to destroy them, or simply avoid them. When destroyed, they explode in a blast of purple smoke and leave flesh gibs behind.

Violet Crystals only appear in the floating island featured in the chapter ''Xen (chapter)|Xen''. There are only four present in the entire game.

==Behind the scenes==
Violet Crystals are made out of http// brush based entities, including a func_tanklaser tied to an env_laser, which fires laser beams, and a func_breakable as its body. When the body is destroyed, it disables the beams. The laser is configured to shoot at the player only and ignores everything else.


FileXen turret fire1.jpg|Firing at the player.
FileXen turret fire2.jpg|Ditto.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}


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