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The Black Mesa Research Facility features numerous '''vending machines''' selling sodas or snacks using fictional brand names.

FileC1a2a soda.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Vending machines in Sector D's Sector D Center|Administration Center.
Vending machines are one of the special objects the player can interact with in ''Half-Life'' and its expansions. They come in two main forms beverage machines and snack machines. Beverage machines dispense a single soda can each time a button on its panel is pressed, although some personnel in the facility are seen struggling to receive their item. Each can gives the player one health point, serving as a makeshift Medkit when none are available. Beverage machines have a limited capacity, the default amount being ten cans, and will eventually deplete if used enough times. Destroying a beverage machine may cause its contents to eject onto the floor. While the generic snack machines in ''Half-Life'' cannot be used by the player, the "Carousel Snacks" machine introduced in ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' can be activated to yield a chocolate bar. This bar does not provide any health.

When a soda can is dispensed, one of six different brands is randomly chosen. These soda brands are, in the model's internal texture order "Hai!", "Glub", "Grape Ape", "Guthrie" (a nod to John Guthrie), "Yuck", and "Dante" (a nod to Dante's Hell in the ''WikipediaDivine Comedy|Divine Comedy''). The soda cans were remade for the unreleased Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|Dreamcast version of ''Half-Life'' with a higher polygon count and greater texture resolution. These revamped brands include "Captivation" (the FileCaptivation logo.png|logo of Captivation Digital Laboratories), a green can with no brand, "Grape Ape" again, an illustration of WikipediaCthulhu|Cthulhu's head (with no brand), a frog peaking out at the viewer (with no brand), and "Dante" again. The Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|Playstation 2 version only uses the default "Hai!" soda can without any alternate brands.

In ''Half-Life Uplink'', destroying the beverage machine found early on reveals a secret passageway leading to locked armory with several items.

Beverage machines returned in ''Half-Life 2'' in the form of Dr. Breen's Private Reserve. While still producing cans upon use, these items do not provide health.

==Behind the scenes==
FileWeird sci2.jpg|Scientist using a Coca-Cola beverage machine in an early screenshot.|thumb|right|200px

During ''Half-Life'''s development, real world brands were used on the beverage machines including WikipediaCoca-Cola|Coca-Cola, WikipediaFruitopia|Fruitopia, and WikipediaMinute Maid|Minute Maid. As these brands are copyrighted, they were temporary and never meant to be used in the final game. The original dispensed soda can brands can be found in Worldcraft's files. These include Coca-Cola, WikipediaSprite (soft drink)|Sprite, Diet Coke, Orange (Minute Maid), WikipediaSurge (soft drink)|Surge, and WikipediaMoxie|Moxie.''Worldcraft'', ''Half-Life'' Game Definition File (halflife.fgd)''Worldcraft'', ''Half-Life'' Entity Guide (hl_ent.hlp)

The brand of chocolate that can be found in ''Opposing Force'' is named Captain Koso's Pure Highspeed Candy Bar. While presumably an Easter eggs|in-joke, the meaning behind the term "Koso" is not known. There is a player configuration file named "koso.cfg" in the game files left by a developer that went by the alias "Diggem", most likely a model designer judging by its contents. There is also an unused line again referring to "Koso" spoken by the scientists in ''Half-Life Decay'' "Do you know what the word Koso is referring to, exactly?"

There are two unused animations for the Black Mesa Security Force|security guard pertaining to vending machines. These two sequences, pepsipush and pepsiswing, depict the guard toppling a machine, possibly to block a pathway or crush something.''Half-Life'' game files An early video demonstration for ''Half-Life'', Half-Life demonstrations|offices.mpg, featured a sequence in which a Classic Zombie|Zombie attempts in vain to obtain an item from a snack machine. This scripted event was cut in the final game, while the associated animation was used elsewhere for an unrelated purpose.

In ''Half-Life Day One'', the WikipediaOriginal equipment manufacturer|OEM demo version of the game, soda cans don't heal the player when collected.


FileVmachine06.png|WikipediaCoca-Cola|Coca-Cola beverage machine.
FileVmachine07.png|WikipediaFruitopia|Fruitopia beverage machine.
FileVmachine08.png|WikipediaMinute Maid|Minute Maid beverage machine.
File0089-stealing food.jpg|Scientist struggling with a beverage machine.
FileOffices video03.png|A Zombie similarly struggling with a snack machine as seen in Half-Life demonstrations|offices.mpg.
FileBshotdecal.jpg|Beverage machines near the High Security Storage Facility.


FileVmachine01.png|The "Soda Pop" beverage machine.
FileVmachine02.png|The "Enjoy" beverage machine.
FileBlack mesa cans.jpg|The six different soda cans.
FileSoda texture01.png|Textures.
FileSoda texture02.png|Early textures featuring real world brands.
FileBlack mesa cans dreamcast.jpg|Dreamcast versions.
FileSoda texture03.png|Textures.
FileVmachine03.png|Snack machine.
FileVmachine04.png|Alternate version.
FileVmachine05.png|The "Carousel Snacks" snack machine introduced in ''Opposing Force''.
FileKosos.png|Captain Koso's Pure Highspeed Candy Bar.
FileHL1_VendScientistUse.jpg|Scientist struggling with a beverage machine.
FileHL1 VendDamage.jpg|Damaged beverage machines in the Sector A Facility|Hazard Course.
FileFinal c1a2 02.jpg|Vending machines in the Executive Lounge of Sector D.
FileC1a3 soda.jpg|Beverage machines near the High Security Storage Facility.
FileOf1a5b snack.jpg|Black Mesa Security Force|Security guard trying to get a chocolate bar out of a snack machine.
FileUplink soda01.jpg|Beverage machine exploding in ''Uplink''.
FileUplink soda02.jpg|Hidden air duct behind the machine.
FileBS_VendingSodaShipment.jpg|Packaged soda cans kept in freight storage.
FilePS2_SodaScientist.jpg|A scientist at work after enjoying many refreshments.

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*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
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*''Half-Life Decay''

*''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Uplink'' {{Nc}}

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*Dr. Breen's Private Reserve

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