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A '''satellite''' is used by the Black Mesa Science Team to stop the alien invasion. It is featured in ''Half-Life'' and its expansion, ''Half-Life Decay|Decay''.

Bir '''uydu''', uzaylı saldırısını durdurmak için Black Mesa Science Team|Black Mesa Araştırma Takımı tarafından kullanılıyor. Bu makina, ''Half-Life'' ve eklentisi ''Half-Life|Decay''{{'}}da yer alıyor.

The science team at the Lambda Complex needs a satellite in orbit to stop the alien invasion. The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|the military aborted the launch, so Gordon Freeman is sent to the High Altitude Launch Center to launch the satellite delivery rocket himself. The purpose of the satellite was later elaborated upon in the expansion, ''Decay''.

Lambda Complex'de bulunan araştırma takımı uzaylı saldırısını durdurabilmek için uydunun yörüngede olmasına gerek duyuyorlar. Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|Askeriye fırlatmayı durduğu için Gordon Freeman, High Altitude Launch Center'a teslimat füzesini kendi fırlatması için gönderiliyor. Uydunun amacı daha sonradan ''Decay''{{'}}de açıklanıyor.

===''Half-Life Decay''===
It is explained that the satellite controls major recovery systems,''Half-Life Decay'', ''Domestic Violence'' A satellite controls major recovery systems. Locate a security guard who knows the satellite signal codes. and it must be in orbit for systems to operate.''Half-Life Decay'', ''Code Green'' A satellite must be in orbit for recovery systems to operate. Upload the satellite signal codes before the delivery rocket launches. The science team wants to use the satellite to orchestrate a resonance reversal, and seal the dimensional rift between the worlds. The rocket can not launch without the all-clear codes. Gina Cross and Colette Green are sent to the Level 3 Dormitories by Richard Keller|Dr. Keller to find a Black Mesa Security Force|security guard who has the codes. They set the air space monitor to send the codes from the Black Mesa Air Control building, so the Lambda can launch the rocket.

Uydunun önemli kurtarma sistemlerini yönettiği ve çalışması için yörüngede olması gerektiği açıklanıyor. Araştırma takımı uyduyu kullanarak resonance reversal işlemini gerçekleştirek dünyalar arasındaki boyutsal kapıyı kapatmak istiyorlar. Ancak füze tamamen-temiz şifreleri olmadan fırlatılamıyor. Gina Cross ve Colette Green, Level 3 Dormitories|Level 3 Yatakhanelerine Richard Keller|Dr. Keller tarafından şifreye sahip bir güvenlik görevlisini bulmaları için gönderiliyorlar. Lambda'nın füzeyi fırlatması için hava sahası monitörünü şifreleri göndermesi için Black Mesa Air Control binasından ayarlıyorlar.

===''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''===
The satellite launch sequence is mirrored in ''Episode Two''. According to Alyx Vance, Arne Magnusson|Dr. Arne Magnusson wanted to use a satellite to tune into the old array they set up at Black Mesa, but couldn't do it because of the Combine. The satellite launched by Gordon in ''Half-Life'' is part of this array. The rebels launch a satellite to shut down the superportal. The array is not mentioned again for the rest of the game, so it is unknown if it was used at all.

==Behind the scenes==
The satellite was to play a larger role in the storyline. There was a satellite array, which had to be active to tune the Lambda portal. One section was in the Lambda core, one was in Earth orbit, and one was in Xen.http// The HL Storyline Thread on (September 26, 2003) Furthermore, the player was to align a dish to tune in with the satellite to open the door to the Lambda Complex in the cut chapter ''Communications Center''. This sequence was recycled for ''Uplink'', along with the unused audio clips.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' (uncorrected proof), page 158

The FileHl globe.png|holographic globe at the launch center is believed to be a left over from this incarnation of the story. It displays the status of the satellite portal array, which is always offline. It also shows two satellites circling around the globe, and a static satellite near the north pole. There are two other unused variations of the globe in ''Half-Life Source'' files. "online.vtf" displays the status of the array as online. "activated.vtf" displays the message "warning - xen portal activated", and was possible intended to be used in the chapter ''Lambda Core''. A globe can be seen in FileManual portal.png|one of the level plans.

A satellite called "Alpha" is mentioned in one of the announcements before the incident. Some of the locations mentioned in the announcements are visited by the player in the later chapters, so this may be the name of the satellite. The satellite was to be mentioned second time in an announcement in the chapter ''Lambda Core'' "Satellite target system, engaged".

===''Half-Life Decay''===
Originally, the all-clear codes were to be found in a mission set in the Cut missions from Half-Life Decay|Central Transit Hub. The satellite was to be referred to as "Omega Satellite" in this mission. The science team at the Lambda was to explain that something is holding the rift open by force from the other side, and preventing them from stopping the alien invasion. They want to use the satellite to get clean readings on the rift. They tried to launch the rocket, but the military shut down the launch sequence. Gordon Freeman is sent to launch the rocket, but he can't do it because of an emergency shut down. In order to override it, the protagonists need to find the all-clear codes kept at the Central Transit Hub, and enter them to a computer at Black Mesa Air Control building.

===''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''===
According to the unused dialog, Magnusson's Xenium Resonator's original goal to was to create a barrier around the planet, instead of shutting down the superportal. Once in orbital range, it was to activate the old satellite launched by Gordon and turn it into a shield with sub dimensional properties. Furthermore, it was to block the Combine's access to Earth, even if they do manage to restore their portal network.


FileC2a2b2 rocket.jpg|The rocket silo.
FileC2a2d rocket.jpg|Ditto.
FileC2a2h center.jpg|The launch center.
FileC2a2h room01.jpg|Inside.
FileHl globe.png|The holographic globe.
FileHldc globe.png|Dreamcast version.{{Abbr3|i|The satellite near the north pole is missing in this version.}}
FileHlpsx globe.png|PlayStation 2 version.
FileBlack mesa rocket.jpg|The rocket.
FilePlaceholder noimage.svg|Early version.
FileRocketmain.png|The rocket texture.
FileRocketnose.png|Ditto, nose.
FileRocketpayload.png|Ditto, payload.
FileC2A2 SATORB.png|The satellite schematics.
FileManual portal.png|A level plan.{{Abbr3|i|See the behind the scenes section for more information.}}

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Decay'' {{C|Mentioned only}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' {{C|Mentioned only}}


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