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In 2011, an '''unannounced ''Half-Life'' project''' was discovered by fans. Aside from having been cancelled, little is known about this title or what it was intended to be.

In June of 2010, Electronic Arts|Electronic Arts Montreal artist Randy Humphries posts galleries of concept art for several cancelled games on his now-deleted Coroflot profile including six pieces of artwork for what appears to be a cancelled ''Half-Life and Portal universe|Half-Life'' project.{{IA|20120618105520/http//www.coroflot.com/rand1211/half-life|Randy Humphries's profile|Coroflot}} They are simply labeled "half life concept - canceled project"  with no further context or explanation. These were discovered and publicized by a user on the WikipediaNeoGAF|NeoGAF forums on March 21, 2011.http//www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=26621930 Concept art from a cancelled Half-Life project on NeoGAF (March 21, 2011) They portray a Combine-occupied city very similar to the setting in ''Half-Life 2'', specifically depicting a canal, railway tracks along a canal with a Force Field in the distance, an apartment building interior, a location designated as "Haven", and two unknown characters, one of which is a Civil Protection|Metrocop-like unit with an armband bearing the text "City 17|C17" and wielding a weapon similar to a Stun Baton. Outside of this concept art, no other information regarding this project has been revealed.

== Gallery ==

FileRandyhumphries canal.jpg|Canal.
FileRandyhumphries tracks.jpg|Railway.
FileRandyhumphries apartment.jpg|Apartment.
FileRandyhumphries Haven.jpg|"Haven".
FileRandyhumphries cp.jpg|Metrocop-like unit.
FileRandyhumphries soldier.jpg|Unknown character.

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