Tristan Reidford

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|occupation=*Conceptual artist{{LI|pub/tristan-reidford/2/74a/b84/}}
*3D modeler and renderer
|timeperiod=July 2007 – Present
'''Tristan Reidford''' is conceptual artist for Valve Corporation|Valve.


Currently living in Seattle, Reidford attended WikipediaCoventry University|Coventry University. He used to do independent contract work for WikipediaCrytek UK|Free Radical Design, http// Jones Garrard Move and Valve, until he was hired by the latter in 2007. He models and textures with WikipediaAutodesk Maya|Maya.

Reidford specifically worked with Ted Backman and Jeremy Bennett on concept art for ''Half-Life 2 Episode Three'', showing a Gordon Freeman confronting an Advisor, which was selected for the 2008 http// Into the Pixel Collection. He also designed the two robots appearing in ''Portal 2''’s co-operative campaign, ATLAS and P-body.http// Redesigning ''Portal'' Valve’s Artist Speaks on Game Informer

==Selected gameography==
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' (2007)
*''Portal'' (2007)
*''Portal 2'' (2011)


FileAdvisor Intothepixel.jpg|Collaborative concept art for ''Episode Three''.
FileAtlas P-body first.jpg|Concept art for ATLAS and P-body.
FileAtlas p-body concept01.jpg|Ditto.
FileAtlas p-body concept02.jpg|Ditto.
FileAtlas p-body concept03.jpg|Ditto.
FileAtlas p-body concept04.jpg|Ditto.
FileAtlas p-body concept05.jpg|Ditto.
FileAtlas p-body concept06.jpg|Ditto.
FileAtlas p-body concept07.jpg|Ditto.
FileAtlas p-body concept08.jpg|Ditto.
FileAtlas p-body concept09.jpg|Ditto.
FileAtlas p-body concept10.jpg|Ditto.
FilePortal2 poster 70s.jpg|70s style movie poster for ''Portal 2''.
FilePortal2 wallpaper 70s.jpg|Wallpaper variant.


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