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The '''Tree''' is a plant-like organism found on the borderworld Xen that attacks living beings that move too close. 

*A brownish tree-like creature with no leaves or branches, the Tree somewhat resembles an upturned root and in that regard is similar to what could be an infant Tentacle. Towering at around 13 to 16 ft tall (4 to 5 m), it has a fully mobile "trunk", and a large, hook-like appendage at the top, used for attacking nearby prey.
*Trees are scattered around Xen and can prove a danger to an unwary explorer and other Xen wildlife by violently stabbing at any nearby source of movement.

The Tree is similar to the Butcher Tree from the 1990 book ''WikipediaExpedition (book)|Expedition'' by WikipediaWayne Douglas Barlowe|Wayne Douglas Barlowe.


FileXen trees sun.jpg|Trees on Xen in ''Half-Life''.
FileXen trees lair.jpg|Ditto.
FileFocal Point.jpg|Ditto.
FileXen trees and more.jpg|Trees, Fungi and Plant Light on Xen.
FileFungi group.jpg|Trees near Xen Fungi.
FileOf4a20002.jpg|Tree that killed a Houndeye in Black Mesa Research Facility|Black Mesa.
FileBa xen20000.jpg|Xen crystals and Trees in a Xen grotto.
FileBa xen20002.jpg|Ditto.
FileChumtoad lair.jpg|Trees in ''Chumtoad's Lair''.

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*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift''

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