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|date=March 29, 2015 (mod release)
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'''''Transmissions Element 120''''' is a free, standalone, single-player Mods|modification set in the Half-Life and Portal universe|''Half-Life'' and ''Portal'' universe.

Taking place at an unspecified time and location after the events of ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'', the modification features a device and weapon called the Zero Point Energy Projector, which allows the player to perform jumps of great heights by launching energy orbs while mid-air; the projectiles can also be used to land safely, take out enemies, and destroy barricades, windows, and fences, among others. The Projector is powered by WikipediaUnbinilium|Unbinilium, hence the title of the mod.

''Transmissions Element 120'' introduces new gameplay and storytelling elements. They include QR code stencils readable using the HEV Suit's zoom function, clipboards describing the backstory, Combine lock breakers, and light-related puzzles, which primarily revolve around phosphorescent symbols sprayed on walls, as well as the Zombies' inability to sense the player's presence in the dark, and the Combine Sentry Turret|Sentry Turrets being non-functional in unlit areas. Additionally, most of the environments are highly interactive and destructible.

Being mostly the work of a single modder known as Shokunin, and featuring custom levels, code, models, and sounds, as well as improved lighting, physics, and AI, the modification had been in development for over two years before being released on March 29, 2015.http// ''Transmissions Element 120'' official website'' It appeared on Steam Greenlight and got approved by Valve within the following two weeks. On June 16, 2016, it was made available for Steam download.

''Transmissions Element 120'' has gained critical acclaim since its release. With the author's post on the /r/gaming subreddit reaching almost 5,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments, the mod's release was noted by several major gaming websites. The author was also offered a job interview at Gearbox Software.https// Hello r/gaming, I've been working on this mod for 2 years and I've finally finished it. on Reddit

Kotaku stated that ''Transmissions Element 120'' "is damn near Valve-quality," praising its absorbing gameplay and thrilling Zombie sequences.http// ''Half-Life 2'' Mod Is Damn Near Valve-Quality on Kotaku According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the most enjoyable aspects of the mod include the Zero Point Energy Projector, the level design, and the destructible environment.https// Grav Gun Rocketjumping In ''HL2'' Mod ''Transmissions'' on Rock, Paper, Shotgun ValveTime said that ''Transmissions Element 120'' "looks great and has evidently been constructed with real care."http// ''HALF-LIFE 2'' SP MOD "TRANSMISSIONS ELEMENT 120" RELEASED & IMPRESSIONS on ValveTime However, the mod's short length was noted by several reviewers, including Alice O'Connor of Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Christopher Livingston of PC Gamer.http// ''HL2'' mod lets you rocket jump with the gravity gun on PC Gamer As of August 2016, user reviews of ''Transmissions Element 120'' on Steam are very positive, with 94% of reviewers praising the game one way or another.{{Steam|365300}}

===Awards and recognition===
''Transmissions Element 120'' was voted Best Source Release of 2015 by the Run Think Shoot Live community.http// 2015 Awards Winners on Run Think Shoot Live

==Achievements and trophies==
The modification features 11 Achievements.


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