Timeline of the Half-Life and Portal universe

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{{Quote|Time, Dr. Freeman? Is it really that time again? It seems as if you only just arrived.|The G-Man|Half-Life 2|The G-Man/Quotes speech}}

The '''timeline of the Half-Life and Portal universe|''Half-Life'' and ''Portal'' universe''' spans from the 1940s to the first decades of the 21st century. That timespan saw the rise and fall of rival scientific research corporations Black Mesa and Aperture Science, the Combine occupation of Earth|invasion of Earth by the Combine, an alien intergalactic organization, in the aftermath of the Black Mesa Incident, and the Resistance|uprising of humanity against them.

Valve Corporation|Valve's official stance is that they do not intend on providing a definitive ''Half-Life'' / ''Portal'' series timeline as they fear the possibility of contradicting themselves would limit their creativity in future games. Since the story is still in the process of being written, there is always a chance that facts will be altered at a later date.http//www.valvetime.net/threads/marc-laidlaw-vault.114535/page-4 ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the ValveTime.net Forums This timeline has been built by gathering every known date with the known events and chronological facts organized around them. Several retcons have been made since the release of the first game; they have been applied here with the altered dates denoted.



Construction date used on a railing texture found in City 17 and at St. Olga.


Cave Johnson receives the Shower Curtain Salesman award within Aperture Fixtures.

Cave Johnson appears in the UP Pioneer Press headlines for buying a salt mine in Upper Michigan,FileUnderground trophycase newspaper.png|''The Up Pioneer Press'' cover which is later reconstructed as the Aperture Science Innovators facility.

===Between 1945 and 1954===
Richard Keller is born. According to the ''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 manual, he is said to be 55 in ''Half-Life Decay|Decay'', set in 200-.

Aperture Science receives the award for Best New Science Company from the Science and Business Institute of America.

Aperture Science is rated #2 among the Top 100 Applied Science Companies by the Mechanical Engineering World Journal. It is implicit that the number one spot was achieved by Black Mesa, but nothing firmly concludes this, based on the intense rivalry between the two companies.

It is during this decade that the Black Mesa Research Facility|Black Mesa facilities are built,''Portal 2 Collector's Edition Guide'' before being purchased and refurbished later by Black Mesa.

Aperture Science is the Runner Up for the US Department of Defense's Contractor of the Year award. By now, Aperture Science has begun testing Repulsion Gel. Test Shaft 09's Entrance Way, Lobby and Testing Lounge are built.

Aperture Science constructs Pump Station Alpha and at least Test Shaft 09 Chambers 01 and 02.

Aperture goes public this year.''Portal 2 The Official Guide''

Aperture Science is the Runner Up for the US Department of Defense's Contractor of the Year award again, likely losing to Black Mesa.

Aperture Science receives the Spirit of Idaho National Potato Board award for the promotion of Potato Science.

The WikipediaDwight D. Eisenhower|Eisenhower administration signs a contract with Aperture Science to manufacture shower curtains to all branches of the WikipediaUnited States armed forces|US Military, except the WikipediaUnited States Navy|Navy.

Pump Station Alpha (which pumps Repulsion Gel) is in active use by now.

Aperture Science constructs at least Test Shaft 09 Chamber 26.

===From 1957 to 1973===
Aperture Science produces mostly shower curtains,ApertureScience.comhttp//gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2010/03/24/Aperture-Science_3A00_-A-History.aspx Aperture Science A History on Game Informer eventually making Cave Johnson a billionaire.

Aperture Science constructs Test Shaft 09 Chambers 27 and 28, and begins forming control groups for experimentation with cranial microchip implantation.


====June 15====
Aperture Science's Test Shaft 09 "Zulu Bunsen" is condemned and sealed off.

Aperture Science is involved in US Senate hearings regarding "missing astronauts".  By now, Aperture Science has gone bankrupt.

===Between 1969 and 1978===
Colette Green is born. She is said to be 31 in ''Half-Life Decay|Decay'', set in 200-.


Aperture Science re-opens Test Shaft 09 for testing. The lower sections appear to remain unused.

Aperture constructs Pump Station Beta and begins Propulsion Gel testing.

Aperture Science constructs at least Chambers 01 and 02 of the Propulsion Gel Testing Facility.

===Between 1973 and 1982===

Gordon Freeman is born. He is said to be 27 in ''Half-Life'', set in 200-.


The earliest known use of a Portal ARG|bulletin board system by Aperture Science.Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG

===Between 1975 and 1984===
Gina Cross is born. She is said to be 25 in ''Half-Life Decay|Decay'', set in 200-.

Aperture Science constructs at least Chamber 05 of the Propulsion Gel Testing Facility.

*Aperture Science constructs the elevator out of the Propulsion Gel Testing Facility.
*Due to financial difficulties and possible legal problems arising from testing prominent citizens, Aperture Science begins using homeless people as Test Subjects. 
*The object of testing and experimentation at this time is Propulsion Gel. 
*Complementing the Propulsion Gel testing, Aperture Science also begins experimenting with human deconstruction, enhancement, and reconstruction procedures.

===Between 1978 and 1987===
FileDm shephard preview.png|right|thumb|Adrian Shephard.

Adrian Shephard is born. He is said to be 22 in ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'', set in 200-.

====October 17====

Cave Johnson receives the answer to a confidential letter titled "Human Enrichment & Testing Initiative, Resource Acquisitions", describing the four types of Test Subjects and their behavior.Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG


*Aperture Science constructs the Conversion Gel Testing Facility's enrichment center, and now performs tests on its own employees.  By now, Cave Johnson has spent $70 million on moon rocks to grind up and turn into Conversion Gel, and as a result of exposure has himself become gravely ill and addicted to pain medication.
*Aperture engineers complete the Heimlich Counter-Maneuver and Take-A-Wish Foundation initiatives. The company announces products related to the research in a televised ceremony. These products become immediately wildly unpopular. After a string of very public choking and despondent sick child disasters, senior company officials are summoned before a Senate investigative committee. During these proceedings, an engineer mentions that some progress has been made on Tier 3, the "man-sized ad hoc quantum tunnel through physical space with possible applications as a shower curtain." The committee is quickly permanently recessed, and Aperture is granted an open-ended contract to secretly continue research on the 'Portal' and Heimlich Counter-Maneuver projects.ApertureScience.com 

*Aperture Science constructs Pump Station Gamma and the Conversion Gel Testing Facility.
*Cave Johnson names Caroline as his successor.  When testing is complete, her intelligence is to be stored in his computer (likely running on GLaDOS).
*This is the oldest known date of the Enrichment Center Test Subject Application Process being applied to Aperture Science's Test Subjects. It is operated by version 1.07 of GLaDOS, later "1.07a" and "1.09".ApertureScience.com

FileThe girls of aperture science.png|122px|right|September page of "The girls of Aperture Science" 1983 calendar, with a girl posing in bikini on an elevator or Unstationary Scaffold platform, as seen in one of Ratman's dens.|thumb

For this year, a calendar named "The girls of Aperture Science" is issued by Aperture Science. It is unknown if it was issued each year.''Portal''

===From 1983 to 1985===
Work progresses on the "Portal" project. Several high ranking Fatah personell choke to death on lamb chunks despite the intervention of their bodyguards.

The Aperture Image Format is created.Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG

*The Conversion Gel Testing Facility is updated with an additional wall.
*Word reaches Aperture Science management that Black Mesa is working on a similar portal technology. In response to this news, Aperture Science begins developing GLaDOS, although the name was already in use in 1982.ApertureScience.com

This is the most recent date for the Aperture Image Format. At that time, it is maintained by Doug Rattmann.Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG


===Late 90s===

While visiting the WikipediaUniversity of Innsbruck|University of Innsbruck, Gordon Freeman observes a series of seminal teleportation experiments conducted by the Institute for Experimental Physics. Practical applications for teleportation become his obsession.''Half-Life 2 Prima Guide'' 

After a decade spent bringing the Disk Operating System parts of GLaDOS to a state of more or less basic functionality, work begins on the Genetic Lifeform component.ApertureScience.com During that time, the Aperture Science Red Phone plan is implemented in case GLaDOS appears to become sentient and godlike, requiring an employee to sit by a red phone on a desk in GLaDOS chamber's entrance hall.''Portal'' commentary


At that time, GLaDOS's version is 3.11. This is also the latest known date of Aperture Science using a Portal ARG|bulletin board system.Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG


Aperture Science releases several testing elements, such as the Excursion Funnel, a tractor beam-like funnel made of liquid asbestos; the Thermal Discouragement Beam, a laser to be used with a Weighted Pivot Cube to destroy Sentry Guns and activate some buttons; the Aerial Faith Plate, a catapult plate flinging into the air Test Subjects or any other object upon contact; and the Pneumatic Diversity Vent, a variant of the Vital Apparatus Vent used for distributing objects to Test Chambers.http//gameinformer.com/mag/portal2.aspx Game Informer, April 2010 issuehttp//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq2mZoKkqMw Portal 2 Demo (Part 2) - E3 2010 on IGN's YouTube channelhttp//www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGlyQmmvj0w Portal 2 Demo (Part 3) - E3 2010 on IGN's YouTube channel


Gordon Freeman graduates from WikipediaMassachusetts Institute of Technology|MIT with a WikipediaDoctor of Philosophy|Ph.D. in theoretical physics.''Half-Life 2 Prima Guide''''Half-Life'', PlayStation 2 version



This is the "year" during which the Black Mesa Incident occurs. Deliberately kept vague by the ''Half-Life'' team,http//www.valvetime.net/threads/marc-laidlaw-vault.114535/page-6 Facts about the date issue on the ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the ValveTime.net Forums it could be any date from 2000 to 2009.

Deduction points at "May 16, 200-" for the precise date of the incident. What follows are the different facts and clues leading to that choice

*The year "200-", first appearing in the ''Half-Life'' instruction manual, is given in every official source from the ''Half-Life'' story arc era. 

*On March 24, 2010, an updated and expanded http//gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2010/03/24/Aperture-Science_3A00_-A-History.aspx Aperture Science timeline originally given on ApertureScience.com in 2006 and submitted by Erik Wolpaw was published on Game Informer. Several dates were changed, and the last paragraph was expanded with facts suggesting that the Black Mesa Incident had occurred in 1998, the same date as that of ''Half-Life'''s release, instead of the original "200-". However Marc Laidlaw dismissed "1998" as the date for the Black Mesa Incident, as the date "200-" given when the first ''Half-Life'' was released is the only correct one.http//www.valvetime.net/threads/marc-laidlaw-vault.114535/page-6 Facts about the date issue on the ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the ValveTime.net Forums For convenience and consistency, that "1998" will always be replaced by "200-" on the wiki, even with the dates pertaining to Aperture Science.

====March 3====

FileMarch 3rd.png|thumb|150px|right|Shephard's first given diary entry.

From Shephard's diary entries "Another typically hellish day at base camp... I'll be glad when this is over and I can get assigned a mission. There has been The G-Man|this really weird civie spotted at the base. Rumor is he's from some government branch looking to recruit; others say he's with some secret research group. I would jump at the chance to join. It would be cool just for the change and the adventure."''Half-Life Opposing Force'' instruction manual

====March 7====

From Shephard's diary entries "I finally saw the government guy today. I am not sure he is a g-man, but he was wearing a really uptight suit and carrying a briefcase. He looked more like a lawyer or insurance agent to me. I did notice him checking me out. Several times throughout the day I spotted him just watching me during training. I wonder what he's up to..."''Half-Life Opposing Force'' instruction manual

====March 9====

From Shephard's diary entries "For weeks our drills have been the same crap day after day. Today we assemble for the morning run and our drill instructor tells us we have one week to become experts at indoor strategic combat. We will be spending every day this week at the combat simulation facility. As far as I know this a specialized training not taught in boot camp. What I want to know is if this is to test our ability to adapt or if we are being readied for a specific mission? Time will tell..."''Half-Life Opposing Force'' instruction manual

====March 12====
From Shephard's diary entries "The rumors have been flying since our indoor combat training began. Most of my peers are convinced that we are being primed for a mission. No one can agree on what the mission is. I have heard the name Black Mesa Facility thrown around a lot, but I have no information about the place. The rumors are that some top-secret research is going on there. Doesn't sound too exciting to me..."''Half-Life Opposing Force'' instruction manual

====March 15====

From Shephard's diary entries "The rumor has been confirmed. We are being trained for a mission at the Black Mesa Facility. All I know is that the place is being used by scientists who are doing some kind of new research. I can't imagine what we would be needed for. We were told today to be ready in case it happens tomorrow. I don't know what "it" is, but the whole thing is a little strange. I kind of hope it doesn't happen; the mission doesn't seem to have much excitement potential. I'd rather hold out for something with more likelihood of combat."''Half-Life Opposing Force'' instruction manual

====Several days before May 16====

The untested AI of GLaDOS is activated for the first time as one of the planned activities on Aperture's first annual bring-your-daughter-to-work day. Upon being activated, she almost instantly becomes self-aware, takes control of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center, locks everyone inside, and floods the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin, but is halted when she is quickly fitted with a Personality Core|Morality Core. She then begins a permanent cycle of testing, aimed at beating Black Mesa in the race to develop functioning portal technology.ApertureScience.comhttp//gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2010/03/24/Aperture-Science_3A00_-A-History.aspx Aperture Science A History on Game Informer

====May 5====
FileGordon letter PS2.jpg|thumb|150px|right|Freeman's letter of acceptance to Black Mesa, as it appears in the instruction manual of the PlayStation 2 version of ''Half-Life''.

While concluding his work at the WikipediaUniversity of Innsbruck|University of Innsbruck, Gordon Freeman receives a letter from the Black Mesa Office of the Administrator's LM confirming he is hired, commencing his position immediately but no later than  15|May 15.''Half-Life'' instruction manual

====May 9====

Barney Calhoun receives a letter from L.M. about his May 15 reassignment to Blue Shift.''Half-Life Blue Shift'' instruction manual

====May 11====

Colette Green receives a letter from the Black Mesa Office of the Administrator's LM saying that sample GG-3883 will replace sample EP-0021.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual

====Before May 12====

Barney Calhoun is performing a retinal scanner|retinal scan and has his salary increased. His two-day Security Guard Training is scheduled.''Half-Life Blue Shift'' instruction manual


First day of Barney Calhoun's Security Guard Training under Miller's Holographic Instructor counterpart, in Sector A. This is the ''Half-Life Blue Shift|Blue Shift'' ''Hazard Course (Blue Shift)|Hazard Course''.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual''Half-Life Blue Shift''

====May 13====
Second day of Barney Calhoun's Security Guard Training.''Half-Life Blue Shift''

FileDecay notes.jpg|thumb|150px|right|Colette Green's letter about sample GG-3883 and Gina Cross' Hazard Course Training schedule.

Walter Bennet is being instructed by Gina Cross for an Anti-Mass Spectrometer Overload Simulation.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual

====May 14====


Colette Green was to be instructed by Isaac Kleiner for an Anomalous Materials Handling, but it was postponed to June.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual

====May 15====

*Barney Calhoun is assigned to a 0900 - 2200 Blue Shift assignment until  15|August 15 and reports at Sector C 3 Medium Security Facilities and High-Energy Particle Labs|Area 3 Medium Security Facilities at 0900. Other unknown security guards are assigned to Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Indigo Shifts in specific areas of Sector A, B, and C. For that timespan, the Violet Shift is on standby.''Half-Life Blue Shift'' instruction manual

*The latest date as to when Gordon would begin his employment at Black Mesa.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual ''Half-Life 2'' and its episodes implied that Gordon was already working for a time at Black Mesa before the incident Barney tells Gordon he owes him a beer and reminds him who he is when first meeting in the City 17 Trainstation, and Alyx tells in the City 17 Underground that Gordon and Barney would compete in the air ducts to get into Kleiner's office whenever he got himself locked out. Dr. Breen describes Gordon's time at Black Mesa as being a "brief tenure." 


Gina Cross is being instructed by Richard Keller for a Mark V HEV Suit Prototype Testing.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual

====May 16====

{{main|Black Mesa Incident|Half-Life Blue Shift|Half-Life|Half-Life Decay|Half-Life Opposing Force}} 


Gordon Freeman is being instructed by Gina Cross' hologram counterpart for an HEV Suit Training in Sector A's Training Facility. Prior to beginning the training, the scientists monitoring Gordon mention that the sensors in their equipment are not working.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual''Half-Life''

More system crashes occur throughout Black Mesa (the security guard in the Sector C lobby states he has had a system crash "about 20 minutes ago").''Half-Life''

Barney Calhoun starts his tram ride from the Black Mesa Research Facility 8 Topside Dormitories|Area 8 Topside Dormitories at Black Mesa,''Half-Life Blue Shift'' to start his second Blue Shift day at Area 3 Medium Security Facilities in Sector C.''Half-Life Blue Shift'' instruction manual He arrives there some time before 900.


After his HEV Suit Training, Gordon Freeman starts his tram ride from Black Mesa Research Facility#|Level 3 Dormitories at Black Mesa. He is 30 minutes late.''Half-Life''

=====Remainder of the day=====
FileC1a0e beam03.jpg|thumb|200px|right|The Anti-Mass Spectrometer.

*The Black Mesa Incident. Around 900, Freeman conducts an experiment on sample GG-3883 in Sector C's Anti-Mass Spectrometer. The experiment goes wrong and triggers a Resonance Cascade, teleporting Xen creatures to ''Half-Life.html">Earth.''Half-Life''

*Freeman, Calhoun, Green and Cross fight their way through the facility.

*Overnight, Freeman successfully launches the rocket.

As heard during the tram ride at the start of ''Half-Life'', the Black Mesa Hazard Course Decathlon was to start in the Level 3 facility.''Half-Life'' This never happened due to the incident.

====May 17====

Otis Laurey was to be instructed by the Miller's holographic instructor counterpart for a Security Guard Training at 1630, but he was apparently unable to attend and Cross suggests to Green to ask Barney to replace him.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual This never happened due to the incident.

*Early in the morning, Gina Cross and Colette Green are able to perform a resonance reversal. Their fate, along with Keller's, are unknown.http//www.valvetime.net/threads/marc-laidlaw-vault.114535/page-5 Stephen Bahl as quoted on ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the ValveTime.net Forums

*Barney Calhoun successfully escapes Black Mesa with Rosenberg, Simmons and Walter Bennet.

*Adrian Shephard and his squad are attacked by Alien Crafts and their Osprey crashes. As Gordon Freeman fights his way across the surface towards the Lambda Complex, Shephard is left behind (this matches the message addressed to Cooper). Race X creatures appear sometime later.

*Freeman defeats the Nihilanth and frees the Vortigaunts. He is then placed in stasis by the G-Man.

*Black Mesa is destroyed by an Mark IV Thermonuclear Device|atomic bomb. Shephard is also placed in stasis by the G-Man.

*As the Black Mesa facility is destroyed, GLaDOS's race against Black Mesa is stopped.

====May 18====


Colette Green was to conduct a Public Relations Tour.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual This never happened due to the incident.


Colette Green was to be instructed by Isaac Kleiner for an Anomalous Materials Handling on May 14, which was postponed to June.''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual It never happened due to the incident.

====August 15====

Barney Calhoun's Blue Shift was to end on that day.''Half-Life Blue Shift'' instruction manual It ended earlier due to the incident.

===After May 200-===
FileBME newspaper clips.jpg|200px|right|Newsclips of that period seen in Black Mesa East.|thumb

{{Main|Seven Hour War}}

During this period of around 20 years Gordon Freeman is in stasis.{{IA|20060409033136/http//ep1.half-life2.com/story.php|''Half-Life 2 Episode One'' The Story So Far}} It starts at the aftermath of the Black Mesa Incident in May 200- and ends at Gordon's arrival in City 17 in 202-.

*Portal Storms rage on Earth while Xen creatures continue to be teleported. The governments and United Nations provide the protection centers located in major cities worldwide.

*The Aperture Science Enrichment Center remains in lockdown, with employees still trapped inside. The number of Aperture Science employees also likely diminishes, until there are only a few of them left.

*The Combine launches an assault on Earth. Earth governments and the United Nations enter into war against them. The Seven Hour War occurs. Earth surrenders to the Combine after seven hours, and Wallace Breen, former Black Mesa Administrator, is appointed Earth Administrator.

*This is the period during which ''Portal'' is set. It occurs a short amount of time after the Combine invasion of Earth,http//kotaku.com/#!5781121 "Valve Plans To Bridge Portal And Portal 2 With A Surprise, Keep Gordon Freeman Out Of It" on Kotaku.comhttp//www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-03-10-portal-2-how-valve-opened-up-portal-2?page=3 "How Valve Opened Up Portal 2 on Eurogamer.net somewhere around the year 2010.''The Final Hours of Portal 2''

*In the Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center, Chell is awoken by GLaDOS who makes her perform seemingly routine tests. However Chell soon learns that the Aperture employees are long dead or escaped, and that GLaDOS is seemingly the only being left in the decaying facility. After much promise of cake at the test's conclusion, Chell is met with an incinerator, which she narrowly escapes, and works her way through the maintenance areas, despite GLaDOS's protests. Eventually, Chell finds GLaDOS's control room, and manages to escape death by neurotoxin by detaching GLaDOS's Personality Cores, and partially destroying her as a result. Chell is forced to the surface by GLaDOS's explosion, only to be dragged away from freedom and back into the facility by the Party Escort Bot. Unknown to Chell however, GLaDOS is still alive.

*Doug Rattmann, being the one of the last Aperture employees alive, witnesses GLaDOS' destruction. After the Party Escort Bot drags Chell back into the facility, Rattmann feels guilty for Chell's situation and reenters the facility to help her.

*At an unknown time before Gordon Freeman's awakening, Isaac Kleiner and Eli Vance each build a teleport in their respective labs a not needing a Xen relay with the aid of Alyx Vance and Judith Mossman, among others. The teleport was tested on a cat, whose fate was never revealed. They then continue working on it until Freeman's arrival.


===One year before 202-===

This is the last time Alyx Vance drives Highway 17, as said by her in the radio transmission at Shorepoint Base.


FileCitadel smoke trailer.jpg|200px|right|The destroyed Citadel in the second ''Episode Two'' teaser.|thumb

{{main|Combine occupation of Earth of City 17|Half-Life 2|Half-Life 2 Episode One|Half-Life 2 Episode Two}}

*Around 20 years after the Black Mesa Incident, Gordon Freeman is awakened by the G-Man after a long period of stasis. He explores City 17, encounters the Resistance and some of his former Black Mesa colleagues. Soon after he joins their cause in the war against the Combine and triggers the uprising of City 17 and his surroundings, becoming the primary target to the Combine. After destroying the Citadel's dark fusion reactor and defeating Breen, Gordon is called into stasis by the G-Man a second time.

*Soon after he is freed from stasis by a group of Vortigaunts. Gordon and Alyx flee City 17 and proceed to the Resistance base White Forest, located in the Outlands. 

*The Resistance reverses the Combine Superportal, inflicting a consequent blow to the Combine plans, but Resistance leader Eli Vance is killed by an Advisor at White Forest.

==Pre-Portal 2==

GLaDOS' partial destruction is followed by a period of inactivity within the Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center, during which time maintenance systems and Personality Cores maintain its functions. The facility remains in disarray, having become overgrown and dilapidated.http//gameinformer.com/mag/portal2.aspx GameInformer, April 2010 issue Pre-recorded 'Emergency Test Protocols' can oversee test chambers in times of cataclysmic system failure, "remaining functional in apocalyptic, low power environments of as few as 1.1 volts". Chell spends this time in stasis until the events of Portal 2. At the beginning of her stasis, Chell is under supervision by a remaining Aperture employee, Doug Rattmann.

The span of time between ''Portal'' and ''Portal 2'' is not entirely clear. During Portal 2's opening sequence, an automated 'Courtesy Call' implies that Test Subjects in stasis are revived every 50 days. However, when the player is next woken, an autonomous P.A. system reports that the time elapsed is "99999...99...".  It is unknown what unit of time it refers to. Of course, it may be that the system has completely broken down and is no longer capable of accurately tracking time.

==''Portal 2''==
FileChell facing glados concept.jpg|150px|right|Chell facing GLaDOS in the ruins of the Enrichment Center.|thumb

{{main|Portal 2|Portal 2 storyline}}

After over 50,000 years in stasis, Chell is awoken by Wheatley, a personality core. Wheatley insists he can secure an escape route out of the Aperture Laboratories, which instead results in the inadvertent reactivation of GLaDOS.http//gameinformer.com/mag/portal2.aspx GameInformer, April 2010 issue As the story progresses, Chell finds herself traversing old condemned Enrichment Spheres originating from earlier than June 15, 1961, at which time Aperture Laboratories was under the direction of Cave Johnson.

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