The White Forest Inn

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'''The White Forest Inn''' is an abandoned inn found in the Outlands. During ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'', Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance pass through the area on their way to White Forest.

FileWhite Forest Inn exterior.jpg|The exterior of the inn, with the peak visible in the background.|200px|left|thumb

The inn is located in a small hamlet that includes several houses, storage buildings, and a gas station. The inn itself is fairly small, consisting of a lobby, kitchen, basement, and only 5 (locked) rooms. In the years following the invasion, all of the buildings of the area, including the inn, were presumably looted and almost all items and possessions in each building were taken. When Gordon and Alyx visited the area, the buildings of the inn were almost completely devoid of furniture of any kind.

Due to the abundance of supply crates stored in and around the inn, and the discovery of a few dead bodies in the area, it appears that Resistance members used the area as an outpost at some point in the past, but either abandoned it for unknown reasons, or were ambushed and killed by the Combine.

The gas pump can also be found at the Petroleum Station in ''Half-Life 2'', although it cannot be destroyed this time. The preview image for the gas pump model also reveals it originally had the temporary name "Cetaxo", an anagram of the real-world gas brand name "Texaco". Furthermore, the text displaying the cost and volume is in Swedish and Finnish.

FileEp2 outland 100053.JPG|The G-Man going inside the inn.|thumb|200px|right

===''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''===

In ''Episode Two'''s fifth chapter, ''Under the Radar'', Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance find the tunnel on the main road sealed off by a Combine roadblock and are forced to take a detour through the village, straight into an ambush set by the Combine. They take cover in the inn, where they are besieged by several squads of Overwatch Soldiers, supported by Hunters. They eventually fight their attackers off, disable the forcefield blocking the exit from the village and escape. The firefight leaves the inn in even worse shape.

When driving up to the inn from the road, the G-Man can briefly be seen walking inside the inn. However, he is not found inside or anywhere near the inn once the player reaches it.

==Related Achievements==
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|''Survive the ambush at the White Forest Inn.''

==Behind the scenes==

According to the script file "level_voices_episode_02.txt" found in the Source Particle Benchmark files, the White Forest Inn was apparently originally named "Olde Inne".


FileEp2 outland 100050.jpg|Nearby sign along the road preceding the inn.
FileOverwatch elite wfi.jpg|Overwatch Elite monitoring the arrival of Gordon and Alyx on the road.
FileWhiteforestinn sign.png|Texture of the previous sign. It uses the same white frame and dints as the Ravenholm sign. Dimensions are also identical.
FileEp2 outland 10 inn2.jpg|Closer look at the exterior of the inn.
FileWhite Forest Inn interior.jpg|The main room inside.
FileEp2 outland 10 inn3.jpg|Another view of the ground floor.
FileEp2 outland 10 inn1.jpg|The first floor.
FileEp2 outland 10 inn4.jpg|The cellar.
FileEp2 outland 10 inn5.jpg|Nearby buildings built on the cliffside.
FileGas pump.jpg|Gas pump model.
FileGas pump Cetaxo.jpg|Gas pump model preview image with "Cetaxo" instead of "Terin".

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