The Portal Device

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|prefix= |designer=Brett Johnsonhttp// Brett Johnson's personal website |previous=N/A |next=''Office Complex (chapter)|The Office Warrens'' }} '''''The Portal Device'''''Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha Walkthrough (WalkThru.doc) (September 4, 1997) is a location and chapter cut from ''Half-Life''. It was meant to be the first chapter in the game. A playable version can be found in the Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha. ==Overview== This chapter is largely made up of a series of laboratories and holding cells where specimens captured from the portal have been kept for study. The Portal Device itself is a machine designed to open an interdimensional portal between Earth and an Xen|alternate dimension. It's been used to capture specimens without the danger of actually traveling there. According to the chapter summary, no human has ever ventured through the portal before. An Resonance Cascade|accident fractures the fabric of space-time and allows aliens to invade through the fissures. The level begins in the main control room following the disaster. The player, initially only armed with a crowbar, was to battle his way through the now-ruined and infested labs to escape. Optional paths to progress through the labs are presented, and a number of puzzles must be navigated in order to proceed. ==Fate== The chapter was cut following the game's significant reworking in late 1997. It eventually evolved into ''Unforeseen Consequences'' which shares the same general premise. While a majority of the levels were completely discarded, the broken airlock in c1a1 was reused in ''Unforeseen Consequences'', and the flooded laboratory in c1a1b was moved to the chapter ''Office Complex''. ==Behind the scenes== Despite having similar placements in their respective revisions of ''Half-Life'', the Portal Device should not be confused with the final game's Anti-Mass Spectrometer as the latter is only capable of examining Xen crystal|crystal specimens. However, ''Half-Life Decay|Decay'' features a device called the Gamma Labs|Displacement Beacon which was designed to open a portal and capture specimens on Earth without the necessity of traveling to the alternate dimension, similar to the Portal Device's original intended purpose. ==Gallery== ====Alpha==== FileAlpha c1a1 01.jpg|The Portal Device. FileAlpha c1a1 02.jpg|The entrance to the room. FileAlpha c1a1 03.jpg|Alternate path.{{abbr3|i|This lift can be used to skip the labs and reach the cages sooner.}} FileAlpha c1a1 04.jpg|Broken airlock. FileAlpha c1a1 05.jpg|The labs. FileAlpha c1a1 06.jpg|The power room. FileAlpha c1a1 07.jpg|The computer room. FileAlpha c1a1 08.jpg FileAlpha c1a1 09.jpg|Airlock to the cages. FileAlpha c1a1a 01.jpg|Holding cells for aliens. FileAlpha c1a1a 02.jpg|More cells. FileAlpha c1a1a 03.jpg|Emergency exit. FileAlpha c1a1a 04.jpg|Stairs. FileAlpha c1a1a 05.jpg|The walkway. FileAlpha c1a1a 06.jpg|High voltage switch. FileAlpha c1a1b 01.jpg|The flooded laboratory. FileAlpha c1a1b 02.jpg|The locked laboratory. FileAlpha c1a1b 03.jpg ====Pre-release==== File0047-experiment1.JPG|The portal device. FilePA experiment2.jpg|Ditto. FileGamestar c1a1 01.png|Ditto. FileGamestar c1a1 02.PNG|Ditto. FileC1a10000.jpg|Ditto. FileEarly sector B entrance.jpg|Broken airlock. FileC1a10024.jpg FileHLPF 24.png|The power room. FileHl10091.jpg|The computer room. FileC1a10031.jpg|Ditto. FileHLPF 25.png|Ditto. FileC1a10040.jpg FileHl10092.jpg FileCages headcrab.jpg|The cages. FileHl early BJ 27.jpg|Ditto. FileBmrf catwalk.jpg|Ditto, the level plan. ==References== {{reflist}} ==External links== *{{YouTube|PU5mSUN8HF4|''Half-Life'' trailer from 1997}} - Features footage of ''The Portal Device'' at 0011, 0023, and 0056. *{{YouTube|rmWce02xLbs|''Half-Life Preliminary Findings'' - Introduction}} - Features footage at 0025. *{{YouTube|FE3hwTGO698|''Half-Life'' trailer from GameStar magazine}} - Features footage at 0009 and 0029. *{{YouTube|phTjVY04_k0|''Half-Life'' Alpha developer playthrough}} - Recorded from the included demo files. {{Chapters}} {{Locations}} {{Black Mesa}} CategoryBlack Mesa Research Facility locations CategoryCut locations CategoryHalf-Life Alpha chapters