The Outlands

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|name=The Outlands
|location=Near City 17
|era=Combine occupation of Earth|Combine occupation
|designer=*Jeremy Bennett (appearance)
*Gautam Babbar (appearance)
*Matt Wright (foliage systems)http// Matt Wright's resume
*ep2_outland_01 to
ep2_outland_12a }} {{Quote|Hey, I know that peak! You can see it from White Forest!|Alyx Vance|Half-Life 2 Episode Two|Fileal_barn_peakview.ogg}} '''The Outlands'''''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' files''The Orange Box Prima Guide'' is an alpine region located north of the City 17 outskirts (as referred to many times in the ''Episode Two'' dialogues) and is towered over by an unnamed peak known by Alyx Vance|Alyx. It is the main location for ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''. ==Overview== FileOutlands stream white forest.jpg|Stream in the Outlands, with the White Forest antennae seen in the background.|thumb|200px|left ===Features=== The area consists of coniferous forests, streams, the Victory Mine (an abandoned mining complex colonized by Antlions), the Radio Tower settlement, Station 21, the White Forest Inn, the Rebel base of operations White Forest, several hamlets and minor Resistance bases, connected by a road in a state of disrepair with a number of abandoned cars, similar to Highway 17. Various other structures include radio stations, industrial warehouses and bridge houses can be seen, often infested with Headcrabs. Gordon and Alyx end up in the area after their train crashes, and start their journey to White Forest on foot, until they take hold of a custom Muscle Car|1969 Dodge Charger which they use to finish their journey. ===Name=== FileEp2 outland 0100105.jpg|Abandoned mining outpost in the Victory Mine area. |thumb|200px|right This region is never named in-game; "the Outlands" and "Outlands forest" is given in the ''The Orange Box Prima Guide'' and all the ''Episode Two'' maps start with "outland". It is possible that "White Forest" is another name for the forest, a name the White Forest base and White Forest Inn names would be based on. It is also possible that the White Forest consists only of a small part of the Outlands. ==Trivia== Despite being close to City 17, the Outlands do not resemble Eastern Europe so much as the United States' Pacific Northwest region, where Valve Software is located. ==Gallery== ===Concept art=== FileGordon alyx hunters.jpg|Gordon and Alyx being chased by Hunters. FileCity17 destroyed.jpg|The destroyed City 17 and its Citadel viewed from the Outlands. FileCity 17 destroyed Citadel forest view.jpg|Ditto. FileCitadel concept.jpg|Ditto. FileOutlands Citadel concept.jpg|Ditto. FileCity17 concept ep2.jpg|Ditto. ===Logos=== FileSubarctic cossack.svg|"Subarctic transport" logo, not featured in-game, with "СУБДРКТИЦЕСКИЙ КАЗАЦКПЙ" instead of "СУБАРКТИЧЕСКИЙ КАЗАЦКИЙ", Russian for "subarctic cossack". FileCossack transition.png|"Cossack transport" logo, not featured in-game, with "АЗАЦКПЙ ПЕРЕХОД" instead of "КАЗАЦКИЙ ПЕРЕХОД", Russian for "cossack transition". FileDumpster sign.svg|Dumpster logo, not featured in-game, with "КОРПОРАУИЯ" instead of "КОРПОРАЦИЯ", Russian for "corporation". FileSign victorymine 03.png|Victory Mine sign. FileSign victorymine 04.png|Ditto. FileStation 21 city.png|Trainstation sign with "СТАНЦИЯ 21 ГОРОД", Russian and Bulgarian for "Station 21 City". ===Screenshots=== {{Underconstruction-inline}} FileParticle benchmark console bg.png|Screenshot of a location called Riverbed, used as a style guide map for the designers. It is the background texture of the Source Particle Benchmark. FileCitadel smoke trailer.jpg|The destroyed Citadel in the second ''Episode Two'' teaser. File00565084-photo-half-life-2-episode-two.jpg|Attacking Hunter in the Outlands. FileSuperportal.jpg|The Superportal as seen from the Outlands. FileEp2 outland 010003.JPG|Gordon and Alyx's train after the wreck. FileEp2 outland 010004.JPG|Ditto. FileEp2 outland 010023.JPG|The Portal Storm starting. FileHL2EP2PortalStorm.jpg|The Portal Storm about to reach Alyx and Gordon. FileEp2 outland 010011.jpg|In the middle of the Portal Storm. FileEp2 outland 0100192.JPG|Gordon and Alyx's train falling when the bridge is destroyed by the Portal Storm. FileEp2 outland convoy.jpg|Combine forces proceeding to attack White Forest. FileEp2 outland 05004406.jpg|Advisor Platform in the Combine convoy en route to White Forest. FileHl2ep2 gorge.jpg|The gorge where Gordon, Alyx and the Vortigaunt are attacked by Antlions, as seen in the ''Episode Two'' trailer. FileEp2 outland 0500008.jpg|Victory Mine outpost, with the Antlion Guardian below. FileRadio Tower settlement.jpg|The Radio Tower Settlement. FileOutland pod crashed.jpg|A crashed Advisor pod, which possibly carried the Barn Advisor. FileEp2 outland barn1.jpg|Birds-eye view of the building housing the Barn Advisor. FileEp2 outland barn2.jpg| FileEp2 outland barn3 advisor pod.jpg|The Barn Advisor's life support pod. FileEp2 outland advisor rebel.jpg|The Barn Advisor feeding on a dead Rebel. File00565086-photo-half-life-2-episode-two.jpg|Rebel firing at a Hunter-Chopper with an OSIPR in the Outlands. FileEp2 outland tracks.jpg FileAutogun.jpg|A Combine Autogun firing in the Station 21|Junkyard. FileCouch couple ep2 outland 09.jpg|Easter egg involving the remains of the Consoling Couple. FileEp2 outland 100050.jpg FileOutlands peak.jpg|The unnamed peak as seen from near the White Forest Inn. FileWhite Forest Inn exterior.jpg|The White Forest Inn. FileDog challenge.jpg|Dog challenging the Strider in the ''Episode Two'' trailer. FileDog challenge strider legs.jpg|Ditto. FileDog vs Strider Outlands.jpg|Ditto. FileOutlands.jpg|Outland valley near White Forest. FileWhite Forest south entrance.jpg|White Forest's south entrance. ==List of appearances== *Source Particle Benchmark {{1st}} {{Nc}} *''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' *''The Final Hours of Portal 2'' ==References== {{Reflist}} {{succession |title=''Half-Life 2'' story arc journey |before=City 17 |after=N/A }} {{Locations}} CategoryHalf-Life 2 Episode Two CategoryThe Outlands locations CategoryLocations CategoryJeremy Bennett designs