The National

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|formed=1999, WikipediaCincinnati, Ohio|Cincinnati, Ohio
|based=WikipediaBrooklyn, New York|Brooklyn, New York
|type=Indie rock band
|notableworks=*"Exile Vilify"
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'''The National''' are an wikipediaIndependent music|indie rock band, formed in WikipediaCincinnati, Ohio|Cincinnati, Ohio in 1999. They are currently based in WikipediaBrooklyn, New York|Brooklyn, New York.

The band wrote and performed the song "Exile Vilify" that is played through an Aperture Science Radio in ''Portal 2''’s third chapter, ''The Cold Boot'', in Test Chamber 03.''Portal 2'' credits

The band consists of lyricist and singer WikipediaMatt Berninger|Matt Berninger, wikipediaAaron Dessner|Aaron and wikipediaBryce Dessner|Bryce Dessner and Scott and Bryan Devendorf.

*''Portal 2'' {{C|Music only}}


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