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| title          = The Gravity Gun
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| director       = Sam Gorski
Niko Pueringer | producer = Christian Fauntleroy
Nicholas Veneroso | screenplay = Sam Gorski
Niko Pueringer | based on = ''Half-Life 2'' | music = | cinematography = | editing = | studio = CorridorDigital | distributor = | released = August 8, 2013 | runtime = 000436 | country = USA | language = English | budget = | gross = }} '''''The Gravity Gun''''' is a short independent fan film based on ''Half-Life 2''. It was released on YouTube on August 8, 2013. ==Plot== As the title suggests, the movie centers around the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator|Gravity Gun. It begins with a group of four Resistance fighters, including Alyx Vance played by http// Lilan Bowden, being chased by Combine forces. The team hides beneath a bridge. Alyx opens her bag and takes out an apparently not powered up Gravity Gun, a teletransmitter, as well as a case with a Xen crystal inside, which she seemingly stole from the Combine. Despite her father's warning, she uses the crystal to reactivate the gun, without any protection. The team is then ambushed by Overwatch Soldiers, who shoot one of the Resistance fighters. Alyx escapes through a tunnel, killing a Soldier by cutting him in half with a thrown sawblade, while the rebels stay and cover her. When she reaches the exit, another Soldier appears and shoots the Gravity Gun, what results in an inversion of gravity. Alyx manages to reverse this effect, and defeat the enemy. A few moments later the rest of the team arrives and finds Alyx hanging from the bridge. ==Reception== As of January 2016, the movie has reached almost 4,200,000 views and over 92,000 thumbs ups. WikipediaRock, Paper, Shotgun|Rock, paper, shotgun called ''The Gravity Gun'' "absolutely stellar".http// ''The Gravity Gun'' Is The Best Thing From Two Months Ago on WikipediaRock, Paper, Shotgun|Rock, paper, shotgun ==Gallery== FileTGG1.jpg|The reactivated Gravity Gun. FileTGG2.jpg|Alyx uses the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator to throw a dumpster at Combine Soldiers. FileTGG3.jpg|The City view. FileTGG4.jpg|The rest of the team notices Alyx. ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== * {{YouTube|5yCGRy_dR30|''The Gravity Gun''}} * {{YouTube|bFqdTYkWYzQ|Behind The Scenes ''Gravity Gun''}} * {{YouTube|CqQBb0wBTko|''Gravity Gun'' Greenscreen Magic!}} {{FanRW}} CategoryHalf-Life 2 CategoryFan films {{DEFAULTSORTGravity Gun}}