The Freeman Chronicles

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| title          = The Freeman Chronicles
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| director       = Ian James Duncan
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| based on       = ''Half-Life''
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| studio         = Chariotdrive
Infectious Designer | distributor = | released = Sep 30, 2012 ("Enter the Freeman") | runtime = 001113 ("Enter the Freeman") | country = USA | language = English | budget = $3000 ("Enter the Freeman") | gross = }} '''''The Freeman Chronicles''''' is an ongoing web series based on ''Half-Life'', produced by independent companies Chariotdrive (Ian James Duncan and Bernhard Forcher) and Infectious Designer. Planned as a six-episode series, the first episode, "Enter the Freeman", was released through Machinima's YouTube channel on September 30, 2012, and through Chariotdrive's channel on October 6, 2012. ==Plot== ==="Episode One Enter the Freeman"=== "Enter the Freeman" opens with a Black Mesa security guard waking up a sleeping scientist in his Black Mesa apartment following the Resonance Cascade. Soon a female scientist covered in blood reaches the duo; her blood is that of a security guard who was just killed. Soon the guard, now Classic Zombie|zombified, reaches the apartment and attacks the trio. Gordon Freeman suddenly arrives and takes out the zombie with his 9mm Pistol|pistol, then his crowbar after being out of ammo. HECU forces eventually reach the outskirts of the apartment. The female scientist, thinking they are there to help, quickly exits the apartment, soon to be shot by the soldiers. The G-Man suddenly appears to Freeman in a mirror, but is not in the room. The trio then leaves in the dark, while the G-Man watches them. ===Episode 2 to 6=== Yet to be released. Only a http// teaser is available for now. ==Production== FileEnter the Freeman logo.jpg|"Enter the Freeman" title.|thumb|200px|right Originally made as a standalone short film funded by the fans, "Enter the Freeman" was more successful than Chariotdrive expected, so they decided to turn it into the first episode of a six-episode series, produced by fellow company Infectious Designer, creators of ''Beyond Black Mesa'' and ''Half-Life Origins''. Both Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns to raise funds were successful and raised a total of $48,000. The fans will be the ones deciding how far the series can go in terms of budget, locations, special effects and story. Fans will also asked to decide where they decide to take the story by voting on proposed plot points. The Production is planned for march and those involved are already at work, lining up locations, crew, equipment, building props and painting HEV suits. ==External links== *https// Indiegogo profile *http// Kickstarter profile *http// Official website *FileYouTube favicon.png http// Chariotdrive's official YouTube channel *FileYouTube favicon.png http// Infectious Designer's official YouTube channel *{{YouTube|7GJ1CQ8A9cE|"Enter the Freeman"}} *{{YouTube|7XLv1fSNgTs|Teaser}} *{{YouTube|mVj8TnfMqnM|Promotional video}} {{FanRW}} CategoryHalf-Life CategoryInfectious Designer productions {{DEFAULTSORTFreeman Chronicles}}