The Final Hours of Portal 2

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'''''The Final Hours of Portal 2''''', also known as '''''Portal 2 - The Final Hours''''', is a WikipediaMicrosoft Windows|Windows, WikipediaMacintosh|Mac and WikipediaiPad|iPad interactive book chronicling the development of ''Portal 2''. Written by WikipediaGeoff Keighley|Geoff Keighley who also authored http// ''The Final Hours of Half-Life'' (2000) and https// ''The Final Hours of Half-Life 2'' (2004), it was released on April 21st, 2011 on iPad and May 17th, 2011 on Steam, and is available for $1.99, €1.99 or £1.49.

The book provides exclusive information about the game's development, as well as numerous previously unreleased concept art images and early screenshots. It also contains interactive features set around standard text.



====Foreword by Geoff Keighley====

====About the author====

====About the game====

====About the developer====

===Chapter 1 Let the Games Begin!===

Describes a typical day at Valve.

===Chapter 2 Prince Squid and Judge Dredd===

Talks about the origins of Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek and their hiring into Valve.

===Chapter 3 A Triumph, Huge Success===

Summarizes the origin of the Digipen game ''Narbacular Drop'' and its transformation into ''Portal''.

===Chapter 4 Two Bots, One Wrench===

Talks about the ''Two Bots, One Wrench'' design experiment as part of the "Directed Design Experiments".

===Chapter 5 Eccentric Dead Billionaire===

Describes the fifth Directed Design Experiment, ''F-STOP'', or the failed attempt at a ''Portal'' prequel that did not feature any Teleportation|portals.

===Chapter 6 The Aha Moment===

Documents Valve's issue of how to make a storyline-filled game from ''Portal'' and how Aperture Science Personality Construct|Personality Cores were the answer.

===Chapter 7 Just One Person===

Introduces a Valve employee, Karen Prell, and her former work for WikipediaJim Henson|Jim Henson, and talks about the design of Wheatley.

===Chapter 8 The Power of Paint===

Talks about the introduction of the Mobility Gels|paint mechanic to ''Portal 2'' by way of the Digipen student project ''Tag The Power of Paint'' and how they created the Enrichment Shafts|underground areas to introduce it to the player.

===Chapter 9 The Odd Couple===

Describes the Portal ARG|announcement of ''Portal 2'' and the creation of ATLAS and P-body and the co-op campaign.

===Chapter 10 Making Games is Hard===

Summarizes the "surprise" Gabe Newell made at E3 2010 and Valve's need to delay the release date for 2011.

===Chapter 11 Used to Want You Dead===

Describes how Jonathan Coulton worked with Valve on making "Want You Gone".

===Chapter 12 The Final Hours===

Talks about the last few steps before completing ''Portal 2'', including details from inside the "test chamber", or playtesting area.

===Chapter 13 The World is About to Change===

Closes the book by describing the thoughts and feelings of Valve after ''Portal 2'' was finished and released.

===Chapter 14 Unlikely Architects===

Describes development on the ''Portal 2'' DLC ''Peer Review'' and the ''Portal'' level editor.

===Bonus The Art of Rattmann===

A gallery of the artwork left by Doug Rattmann through the Enrichment Center made by artist Andrea Wicklund.


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