The Coast

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|image=FileCoast composite.jpg|250px
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|name=The Coast
|location=Coastal Wasteland
|era=Combine occupation of Earth|Combine occupation
*d2_coast_01 to
d2_coast_12 (''Half-Life 2'') *background01 *d2_lostcoast (''Lost Coast'') |designer=*Viktor Antonov (appearance)''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' *Eric Kirchmer (appearance) *Damarcus Holbrook (appearance)http// DamarcusWorks *Aaron Barber (level design) *http//,53766/ David Sawyer (level design)WC mappack *Kelly Bailey (playtesting) *Jeff Lane (level design) *Charlie Brown (level design) *Laura Dubuk (magnetic crane) }} {{Quote|You want him to take the coast road? He won't last five minutes on foot! It's spawning season for the Antlions!|Leon|Half-Life 2|FileLe onfoot.ogg}} '''The Coast''' is a Wasteland region, fronting the open ocean, located along 17|Highway 17. ==Overview== As of the events of ''Half-Life 2'', parts of the Coast have recently come under Combine control forcing many of the Rebels stationing along Highway 17 into more condensed pockets of Resistance. This section is one of the longest in the game, and stretches for several in-game miles. The Coast is largely seen as a barren wasteland being picked to the bone by Combine technology. This location showcases the darker side of the Combine's rule over Earth including the depletion of natural resources and brutal Combine raids on Resistance outposts. Much of the infrastructure along the Coastline, such as roads, bridges and tunnels, has decayed or been severely damaged over the course of the Combine's rule on Earth. Many areas have also been colonized by Antlions, and both the Resistance and Combine have had complications fending them off. Much of the Coast had been abandoned because of those swarming creatures. Thumpers are being used by both sides to restrict Antlion's movement and create safe zones. Some portions of this region have also become infested with Zombies and other Xen wildlife, due in part to their use by the Combine as biological weapons against Resistance outposts. A prominent highway - Highway 17 - and several Resistance bases and Combine outposts are located along the Coast. ===Depletion of resources=== FileDry seabed 137.jpg|left|thumb|200px|The dry seabed at Dock 137. It is more apparent there than anywhere else in City 17 that the Combine are indeed sucking up the natural resources of the planet. The ocean can be seen to be "dried up" and the sea level is much lower than it was. Much of the coastline can be seen littered with wrecked boats and ships resting on what was previously seabed; many of the docks and piers on the coast are no longer standing in water. Indications of the previous sea level can be judged by moss which had previously gathered on harbor structures at the edge of the water, but which now lie several feet above the water level. ===Highway 17=== FileHighway 17.jpg|right|thumb|200px|A portion of Highway 17 along the Coast. Highway 17 is one of the many coastal highways that connect City 17 to neighboring regions. As of the events of ''Half-Life 2'', the road is no longer maintained and is suffering from severe disrepair, with collapsed bridges, landslides, and scores of rusty, abandoned car bodies littered across the extent of the highway. Highway 17 runs nearly all the way to Nova Prospekt, and extends over several miles. Many small coastal villages and facilities are located along the road, several of which are inhabited by Resistance members. By the time Gordon passes through the area, some of the former Resistance bases are under Combine control, who are using them as bases or checkpoints. Several road tunnels also exist along Highway 17 although most of them have been completely abandoned and some are infested with Zombies and other extraterrestrial Xen wildlife. ===The Resistance=== Resistance|The Resistance held a relatively small but powerful position along the Coast, but they were continually harassed by Combine raids and airborne assaults, which were later stepped up as Gordon Freeman passed through the area. By the time Gordon arrived, many of the smaller Resistance bases and outposts located there had been destroyed or taken over by Combine forces and left abandoned. Because of this, the remaining human forces gradually condensed into larger but less frequently encountered pockets of Rebels at key bases such as New Little Odessa and Lighthouse Point. ===Combine presence on the coast=== Prior to Gordon's arrival in the region, the coast was one of the few areas where the Resistance could face Combine forces openly due to the region's isolation. Nevertheless, around the time Gordon arrived in City 17, the Combine were making significant inroads into the region, raiding some of the isolated outposts and executing the occupants, as well as setting up road checkpoints to restrict Rebel movement. ==Locations/Resistance bases== ===Captioned map=== {| class="wikitable" style="margin 1em auto 1em auto; text-alignleft;" |+ ! scope="col" | Map ! scope="col" | Captions |- valign="top" | FileCoastmap sheet numbered.png|center|350px|| In-game map of the Coast, rather close to the in-game layout,
with all the locations added in visit order. 0. Ravenholm
1. Shorepoint Base
2. First (shelled) house
3. Combine Binoculars house
4. Boat house and APC (the red mark below refers to an unknown location)
5. New Little Odessa
6. Dock 137
7. House and boobytrapped rocks
8. Petroleum Station
9. Bridge Point
10. Zombie tunnel
11. Rollermine-filled house, tombstones
12. Combine roadblock
13. Battery puzzle base
14. Lighthouse Point
15. Antlion-filled settlement
16. Vortigaunt Camp |- |} ===Shorepoint Base=== {{main|Shorepoint Base}} Shorepoint Base, located at Pier 87, is the main Rebel settlement located along the coastal regions of City 17. Positioned at the very beginning of Highway 17 and the Coast itself, Shorepoint acts as a base of operations for all Resistance activities in this region. It is run by a veteran Resistance member named Leon. As seen in the ''Highway 17'' chapter, Shorepoint has, in its possession, a one-seater Scout Car, also called the "Buggy", which Gordon Freeman uses to navigate around the increasingly harsh terrain, and escape the many Combine outposts and Antlions along the Coast. Shorepoint is connected to Ravenholm via a railway line and a mine shaft. The Combine attempted a raid on Shorepoint shortly before Gordon Freeman's arrival, but were driven off ====Gallery==== FileShorepoint Base view.jpg|The Shorepoint Base. FileD1 town 050012.jpg|Wounded Rebels being looked after by Shorepoint's nurse. FileLeon Alyx TV.jpg|Leon listening to Alyx Vance|Alyx. ===New Little Odessa=== {{main|New Little Odessa}} New Little Odessa is one of two main Resistance bases situated on the Coast. Commanded by Odessa Cubbage|Colonel Odessa Cubbage ====Gallery==== FileD2 coast 03 stream.jpg|A stream not far from New Little Odessa. FileNlo main building interior.jpg|First floor of NLO's main building. FileNlo main building top.jpg|The gutted second floor of the same building. FileCollapsed road nlo.jpg|The collapsed highway near New Little Odessa. ===Dock 137=== {{main|Dock 137}} Dock 137 is a small warehouse district and pier situated where the ocean and a dried up inlet meet. This area was used as a Resistance base for a time, but was occupied by the Combine prior to Gordon's arrival. ====Gallery==== FileRiverbed.jpg|A riverbed close to the ocean, mostly dried up. FileDocks overview.jpg|The Dock 137. FileDockyards.jpg|Dockyards by the highway. FilePileup.jpg|Wrecked vehicles dot the highway at every turn. ===Petroleum Station=== {{main|Petroleum Station}} The Petroleum Station is a former gas station used as bridge checkpoint by the Combine. ====Gallery==== FilePetroleum bridge.jpg|Under the Petroleum Station bridge. FilePetroleum Station wrecks.jpg|Wrecks before the Petroleum Station. FilePetroleum Station pumps far.jpg|The Petroleum Station used by the Combine as a road checkpoint. ===Bridge Point=== {{main|Bridge Point}} Bridge Point is an outpost consisting of a three story house and several outbuildings situated next to a prominent rail bridge. Its occupants were eliminated by the Combine and Xen wildlife some time before Gordon Freeman's arrival. ====Gallery==== FileHighway 17 BG.jpg|Bridge Point from afar. FileD2 coast 070012.JPG|Ditto. FileSoldier buggy pwnd.jpg|Overwatch Soldier being killed with the Scout Car after throwing himself at it. FileBridge Point.jpg|The Bridge Point. FileBridge Point watchtower.jpg|The rail bridge near the Bridge Point. FileD2 coast 080037.JPG|The end of the bridge in the fog. FileRail bridge supports.jpg|The underside of the Bridge Point bridge, which shelters Headcrabs and Barnacles. FileD2 coast 070021.JPG|Collapsed road bridge near the end of the railway bridge. ===Lighthouse Point=== {{main|Lighthouse Point}} Lighthouse Point is one of the last Resistance bases located along Highway 17 that Gordon Freeman encounters on his way to Nova Prospekt. This settlement also came under heavy Combine attack, and was overwhelmed. The lighthouse itself offers anyone within the vicinity means of cover and advantages when it comes to protection, defense and offense. The top of this old and sizable building is suited for combat situations in which the Combine would raid the base using Synths including Combine Dropship|Dropships and Combine Gunship|Gunships. ====Gallery==== FileLighthouse from grass.jpg|An overall view of the Lighthouse Point. FileLighthouse Point.jpg|Ditto. ===Vortigaunt Camp=== {{main|Vortigaunt Camp}} The final Resistance base, located within canyons and caves, is situated a short distance from Lighthouse Point, being separated mainly by Antlion populated grounds. The base houses several Resistance fighters, as well as many Vortigaunts, and is protected by a single gunner at its entrance via the use of a mounted pulse gun. ====Gallery==== FileD2 coast 110001.JPG|An Antlion Hill and a shipwreck near the Vortigaunt Camp. FileD2 coast 110003.JPG|A shipwreck near the Vortigaunt Camp. FileD2 coast 110000.JPG|Puzzle with Resistance tech near the Vortigaunt Camp. FileVortcamp.jpg|The Vortigaunt Camp. ===Nova Prospekt=== {{main|Nova Prospekt}} The main perimeter of Nova Prospekt prison is also located along the Coast, although right at the edge of it. This portion of the Coast is littered with dozens of Combine Bunkers which act as defensive outposts in the event that someone should attempt to infiltrate the facility. Some of these bunkers are connected to older, pre-Combine fortifications, recognizable by their concrete construction. Large Restrictor|Thumpers are also situated along the edges to the ocean in the attempts to help fend off Antlions from breaking into the facility. ====Gallery==== FileBunkers.jpg|Nova Prospekt's perimeter defenses. FileD2 coast 120023.JPG|Antlions about the get stopped by a Thumper. FileNP cliffs.jpg|The cliffs at the foot of Nova Prospekt. ==Appearances== ===''Half-Life 2''=== FileNlo rpg lesson.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Odessa Cubbage introducing the RPG to some of his troops, including Gordon when he arrives. After leaving the Zombie-infested town of Ravenholm, Gordon Freeman enters the region and embarks on a long journey along the coastline to Nova Prospekt, where he meets Alyx Vance. During his quest, he comes across many, both Resistance and Combine-controlled, outposts. In Shorepoint, the closest base to Ravenholm, Freeman is given the Scout Car, which he uses to safely travel along Highway 17 and the coastline. After a short time of driving, he reaches New Little Odessa, where he helps fend off a Gunship with a Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life 2)|laser-guided RPG. Gordon then arrives at Dock 137, where he clears the facility of Overwatch Soldiers and continues down the highway, only to be attacked by a Combine Gunship that has been radioed in. Overcoming the hazard, Freeman reaches Bridge Point, where, after disabling force fields, he crosses the rail bridge with his Scout Car, and then - the Lighthouse Point. While stationing in the latter, Gordon helps the Rebels hold off several squads of Overwatch Soldiers offloaded by Combine Dropships and taking down a Combine Gunship from the top of the lighthouse. Then, being led to a secret exit, he proceeds through a cliff path. The next base Freeman comes across is the Vortigaunt Camp, where he faces an immense threat - an Antlion Guard. Once again coming out victorious, he is led by List of minor Resistance members Shepherd|Vortigaunt Shepherd through the base and into a cave, in which he is taught how to use the Pheropods to tame and command Antlions. Upon completion of training, Gordon is led out onto a beach that connects to Nova Prospekt. Despite the amount of defense located near Nova Prospekt, Gordon Freeman was able to infiltrate the facility, with the help of tamed Antlions. The Antlion swarm heading into the complex, goaded by Gordon Freeman and his sabotage of the beach defenses, seemed to trigger practically all the Antlions in the area surrounding the complex to help invade. Finally meeting Alyx, he eventually finds the Combine teleport located deep within the newer section in an attempt to flee the facility with Eli Vance and Judith Mossman. While the teleportation is successful, the teleport becames unstable during the process and explodes just after the process completion. ==Related Achievements== {|class=wikitable style="vertical-aligncenter;" width=50% |- !colspan="2" style="text-alignleft"|''The Orange Box Achievements 2|Half-Life 2'' |- |rowspan=2 width=64px|FileHl2 kill enemies withcrane.png !style="text-alignleft"|OSHA Violation (5G) |- |''Kill 3 enemies using the crane.'' |- |rowspan=2 width=64px|FileHl2 pin soldier tobillboard.png !style="text-alignleft"|Targetted Advertising (5G) |- |''Pin a soldier to the billboard in the chapter Highway 17.'' |- |rowspan=2 width=64px|FileHl2 kill odessagunship.png !style="text-alignleft"|Where Cubbage Fears to Tread (5G) |- |''Defend Little Odessa from the Gunship attack.'' |- |rowspan=2 width=64px|FileHl2 kill threegunships.png !style="text-alignleft"|One Man Army (5G) |- |''Destroy six Gunships in Half-Life 2.'' |- |rowspan=2 width=64px|FileHl2 beat donttouchsand.png !style="text-alignleft"|Keep Off the Sand! (20G) |- |''Cross the Antlion beach in the chapter Sandtraps without touching the sand.'' |- |rowspan=2 width=64px|FileHl2 kill enemies withantlions.png !style="text-alignleft"|Bug Hunt (10G) |- |''Use the Antlions to kill 50 enemies.'' |- |} ==Behind the scenes== FileAirex pistons inside.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Gigantic pistons inside the Air Exchange reactor's core engine. *The landscapes of the Coast and most of the original Wasteland designs are similar and the area was generally to be much more desolated than in the retail version. At one point, the Wasteland was to be a vast scrapland full of junked military machines. Another version was a completely dried seafloor, with the ocean draining away into a vast teleport "drain" and the seafloor full of beached ships and whale bones, recalling the real world WikipediaAral Sea|Aral Sea. While the oceans are still abnormally low in the retail version, the only explanation for it can be found in the book ''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''. *The Air Exchange was to be part of the Coast levels. It was to replace the air by noxious, murky gases. This is where the signal for the City 17 uprising was given from, after Gordon Freeman had destroyed its main reactor.WC mappack *The Coast was originally to first appear at the start of the game, when Gordon was to start the game on the ''Borealis (cut ship)|Borealis'', en route to City 17. At the end of the journey, he was likely to first set foot on a dock and first see the Citadel, in a map similar to "proto_docks.vmf", a Coast-like map.WC mappack ==Gallery== ===Pre-release=== FileCrane sketch.jpg|Crane concept art. FileRed props wasteland.jpg|Wasteland props and several views of the Nova Prospekt cliff. FileNp coast props.jpg|Ditto. FileIdle port.jpg|An idle port along the Coast. FileCoast crap.jpg|Sank ship and garbage. FileShore people.jpg|One of the first pre-release screenshots of ''Half-Life 2''. Of note is the female child model on the left. FileShore people 2.jpg|Variant of the same map. FileGunship reflection.jpg|A Gunship shooting at Gordon. FileE3 seafloor shore mi.jpg|Highway and elevated tracks in the map "e3_seafloor". FileCoastline prison ships.jpg|Sunken ships in the prototype coastline map "coastline_prison". The Borealis (cut ship)|Borealis is seen in the background. FileJeep beach01 ships1.jpg|Ships and tugboats in "jeep_beach01". FileJeep beach01 ships2.jpg|Ditto. FileD2 coast 04 dx600000.jpg|Road in the playable ''Half-Life 2'' leak. ===Retail=== FileThe Coast - Abandoned house.jpg|One of many abandoned, infested houses on the coast. FileThe Coast - Antlion infestation.jpg|An Antlion-infested beach. FileShipwreck red.jpg|Shipwreck along the Coast. FileThe Coast - Boathouse.jpg|An abandoned boathouse. FileBuildings coast thumper.jpg|Shacks near the Vortigaunt Camp. FileThe Coast - Destroyed road.jpg|Highway 17 suffers from disrepair and has collapsed in some places. FileShelled shack.jpg|Inside a shelled shack. FileD2 coast 030013.jpg|A pier near New Little Odessa. ===Boats=== ====Pre-release==== FileShip01 leak.jpg|A cut shipwreck. FileSubmarine wasteland.jpg|A cut wrecked submarine model. FileLifeboat.jpg|Lifeboat model from the ''Borealis''. FileTug leak brown 01.png|Version of one of the four ships found in the ''Borealis''-related model folder. This first variant is the simplest, a tugboat with a single level and an elongated smokestack. This is the beached version found in "jeep_beach01". FileTug leak brown 02.png|Second variant with two more levels and more detail (beached as well). FileTug leak brown 03.png|Third variant, mostly the second variant with a thick smokestack. FileShrimp leak.png|Fourth variant, a shrimp trawler. ====Retail==== FileTugboat1.jpg|An upclose look at one of the many beached ships seen on the Coast, from before the Combine's reign of Earth. Here a tugboat. FileTugboat4.jpg|Ditto. FileFishing boat2.jpg|Fishing boat. FileFishing boat3.jpg|Ditto. FileBoat drydock.jpg|''Lost Coast'' boat. FileBoat fishing.jpg|Ditto. ==List of appearances== *https// ''Half-Life 2'' at E3 2003 Coastline {{1st}} {{Nc}} *''Half-Life 2'' *''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' *''Half-Life 2 Lost Coast'' {{Nc}} ==See also== *Half-Life 2 original storyline Coast ==References== {{Imagecat|The Coast images}} {{Reflist}} ==External links== *{{YouTube|6oQ1sXfVdBc|"Coastline" video shown at E3 2003, set in the map "e3_seafloor"}} {{succession |title=''Half-Life 2'' story arc journey |before=Ravenholm |after=City 17 }} {{succession |title=Half-Life 2 original storyline|''Half-Life 2'' original storyline |before=The Wasteland |after=Arctic regions }} {{Locations}} {{DEFAULTSORTCoast, The}} plWybrze┼╝e CategoryThe Coast locations CategoryThe Wasteland locations CategoryLocations CategoryViktor Antonov designs CategoryEric Kirchmer designs