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|image=FileSignbillboard005a.png|250px|The Technical trainstation sign.
|image2=FileEp1 trainstation facade.jpg|250px
|name=Technical Trainstation
|destroyed=during Combine occupation of Earth, along with City 17
|location=City 17
|builder=N/A, refurbished by the Combine
|era=Combine occupation of Earth|Combine occupation
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The '''Technical Trainstation''' ( the scenes|see below for a note regarding the name) is an industrial / freight trainstation seen at the very end of ''Episode One''. According to a sign on the platforms, it is connected to Nova Prospekt, like the City 17 Trainstation.

FileEp1 trainstation1.jpg|Trains and platforms.|thumb|200px|left

When going out of the hospital, Gordon Freeman|Gordon and Alyx Vance|Alyx reunite with Barney Calhoun|Barney on a parking lot and start bringing refugees to the escape Rail transport|trains leaving from a nearby industrial trainstation, while being assaulted by Combine forces. While Gordon helps bringing the Citizens, Alyx remains inside the building and covers them with an Emplacement Gun conveniently installed there.

After the last refugees leave, Gordon and Alyx go catch the last train but are momentarily separated when a Strider and Overwatch Soldiers attack them. After defeating the Strider with his Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life 2)|RPG, Gordon joins Alyx and they then leave City 17 at last. At this point the Citadel goes critical while Advisor pods can be seen flying from it.

==Behind the scenes==

In the parking lot between the hospital and the trainstation, a Cyrillic sign that reads "Техника" can be seen on the trainstation building and also inside, from the tracks. It translates to "technics" ("technical" will be used here, since it fits better). "Техника" is however commonly used for home appliances shops, and thus has nothing to do with a trainstation; it is rather present there as a scenery placeholder, since it can also be seen in ''Half-Life 2'' above regular buildings, such as in the Canals or near Shorepoint.


FileEp1 clean Barney.jpg|Pre-release screenshot.
FileEp1 c17 05000600.jpg|Barney smiling at Gordon near the trainstation.
FileEp1 c17 05000700.jpg|Alyx and refugees waiting for Gordon near the trainstation.
FileEp1 c17 05000004.jpg|Alyx smiling at Gordon.
FileEp1 c17 050030.jpg|Graffiti and Health Charger inside the trainstation.
FileEp1 c17 05000200.jpg|Locomotives in the trainstation.
FileEp1 c17 050000.jpg|Lockers in the trainstation.
FileEp1 c17 050001.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp1 c17 050031.jpg|Overwatch Soldier near the trainstation.
FileEp1 c17 050004.jpg|Shield Scanners about to drop Hoppers near the trainstation.
FileEp1 c17 050008.jpg|Shield Scanner about to drop a Hopper near the trainstation.
FileEp1 c17 050027.JPG|Overwatch Soldiers coming down the roof of the hospital near the trainstation. 
FileAlyx emplacement idle.jpg|Alyx manning the Emplacement Gun inside the Technical Trainstation.
FileAlyx emplacement fire.jpg|Alyx firing the Emplacement Gun.
FileEp1 c17 0500020.jpg|Rebels and refugees waiting for their escape train in the trainstation.
FileEp1 trainstation2.jpg|Trains and platforms, seen from inside.
FileEp1 c17 060000.JPG|Barney and Alyx discussing their escape plan.
FileEp1 c17 060003.JPG|Barney Calhoun leaving the trainstation to an unknown destination. 
FileEp1 trainstation barney.jpg|Ditto.
FileEp1 c17 060005.JPG|The Strider looking for Gordon.
FileEp1 off screenshot 2.jpg|The Strider firing at Gordon (pre-release screenshot, featuring an early design of the level).
FileEp1 c17 060007.JPG|"You're my new hero!"
FileEp1 c17 060016.JPG|Leaving, at last.
FileEp1 trainstation tunnel.jpg|Tunnel to liberty?

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