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|image=FileTactical map.jpg|250px
|name=Tactical Map
|affiliation=Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
|type=Target marker
|usedby=*List of minor HECU members
*Gordon Freeman
|designer=Karen Laurhttp//norsecode.com/klaur/hl/default.htm ''Half-Life'' section on Karen Laur's personal website (textures)
{{Quote|Come in, Cooper. Do you copy? Forget about Freeman. We're abandoning the base. If you have any last bomb targets, mark them on the Tactical Map. Otherwise, get the hell out of there. Repeat, we are pulling out and commencing air strikes. Give us targets or get below.|HECU commander|Half-Life|FileC2a5 hg lebuz.ogg}}

The '''Tactical Map''' is a device used by the HECU to coordinate mortar strikesName of the targetname entity used by the map against targets.

The Tactical Map makes its first appearance in Waste Processing Area 3 at the end of the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''Half-Life_storyline 12 Surface Tension|Surface Tension''. It is used by Gordon Freeman to destroy a Gargantua and the sealed bunker door that blocked his progress to the Lambda Complex. Nearby, the soldier originally manning the device, List of minor HECU members, can be found dead, and his commanderhttp//www.gamefront.com/files/20242965/Half_Life_Audio_Script ''Half-Life'' Audio Script can be heard through the attached radio ordering him to mark his final targets before retreating to safety. The Tactical Map is also mentioned in ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'' when Adrian Shephard witnesses the commander transmitting the same message heard by Gordon.

To mark a target with the Tactical Map's crosshair, two levers control the respective X and Y controllers represented as perpendicular green lines on the map. The button in the middle launches a mortar strike on the targeted location.

==Behind the scenes==
The Tactical Map was created by John Guthrie. The story is, Guthrie was monkeying around and created a remarkably cool object. He showed it to Gabe Newell, who was sufficiently impressed as to offer dinner at swanky Seattle restaurant to anyone in the office who could figure out the best way to implement in into the game. Guthrie, Marc Laidlaw, Kelly Bailey, and Ken Birdwell thought of a puzzle linked to the air strike and won.Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha (version .61) Notes (Half Life Main v6.doc) (August 26, 1998)


FileC2a5g map01.jpg|The Tactical Map.
FileC2a5g_map.png|The texture.
FileC2a5g map oem.png|Early version.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{Mo}}


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