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|name=''Sweet Half-Life''
|developer=SHL Teamhttp//www.planetphillip.com/posts/sweet-half-life/ Sweet Half-Life on PlanetPhilip
|date=August 31, 2001http//www.planetphillip.com/posts/sweet-half-life/ Sweet Half-Life on PlanetPhilip
|genre=WikipediaFirst-person shooter|First-person shooter, WikipediaScience fiction|Science fiction
|designer=Marc Ellis, Koumei Satou, Gareth Lough, Karu_gamohttp//sweethalflife.freeservers.com/ http//sweethalflife.freeservers.com/
|writer=Amit Katzhttp//sweethalflife.freeservers.com/ http//sweethalflife.freeservers.com/
'''''Sweet Half-Life''''' is a Mods|mod for ''Half-Life'', set at a similar time to the original game and following a similar storyline. It is played through the eyes of Gordon McGinley, and follows his plight to escape from the crumbling Black Mesa Research Facility

During a similar time frame as ''Half-Life'', Gordon McGinley, the Black Mesa Research Facility|Black Mesa warehouse manager, must find a way to escape Black Mesa alive after the Resonance Cascade. The game follows a split plot line, with two separate paths and two possible end-game bosses.

Starting out as a normal day, a sudden violent shaking throws the entire base into chaos. Gordon McGinley dons a HEV Suit and joins the scientists in ridding Black Mesa of the invading Xen creatures, as well as HECU soldiers.

The game ends with McGinley stalking the ever-elusive G-Man on the top of the tram, in which G-Man offered Gordon Freeman the liberty of choice.

*Several moments in the mod are either parodies or homages to the 1950's Sci-Fi movie popularity boom.
*Co-designer Koumei Satou also developed the mods ''Peaces Like Us'' and ''Mistake of Pythagoras''.


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