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|name=''Sven Co-op''
|developer=Sven Co-op Team
|date=January 19, 1999 (mod release)
January 22, 2016 (Steam release)http// ''Sven Co-op'' 5.0 Released! on ''Sven Co-op'' Message Forums |genre=WikipediaFirst-person shooter|First-person shooter |mode=WikipediaSingle-player|Single-player, WikipediaCo-op gameplay|Co-operative gameplay |platform= |hidep= |hideu= |rating= |distribution= |system= |input= |engine=GoldSrc |series= |designer=Daniel 'Sven Viking' Fearon
David 'Sniper' McDermott |writer= |composer= |previous= |next= }} '''''Sven Co-op''''' (usually abbreviated as '''''SC''''') is a co-operative game originally based around ''Half-Life''. Released initially as a Mods|modification on January 19, 1999, it was made available on Steam as a standalone game on January 22, 2016. In ''Sven Co-op'' players must work together against AI-controlled enemies and solve puzzles as a team. The majority of the maps are user-created with the exception of the original maps created by the game's developers. ==Weapons== ===Pre-existing Weapons=== *Crowbar **Donators have secondary fire that makes crowbar more powerful against hostiles, but drains suit power. *Pipe Wrench (with ability to repair or revive friendly Sentry Guns) *Barnacle Grapple *9mm Pistol (Half-Life)|9mm Pistol *.357 Magnum (multiplayer version) *Desert Eagle *Shotgun (Half-Life)|Shotgun (secondary fire makes the shotgun shoot automatically, but with less accuracy) *Crossbow (Half-Life)|Crossbow (multiplayer version) *Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life)|RPG *Tau Cannon (with less secondary fire recoil) *Gluon Gun *Hivehand *Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life)|Grenade (secondary fire drops all grenades in one projectile, making "banana bomb") *Satchel Charge (can be picked up or kicked) *Laser Trip Mine (Half-Life)|Laser Trip Mine *Snark **For donators, secondary fire releases a chumtoad that hinders enemy ranged attacks and also poisons NPCs. This only works if the player has at least 10 snarks. *M-40A1 Sniper Rifle (increased damage, decreased accuracy without scope) *M249 Squad Automatic Weapon *Displacer Cannon (Only in the 5.0) ===New Weapons=== *Medkit - Allows you to heal other players by 10 points and revive non-gibbed ones for 50. Although a player can only carry a max of 100, the points regenerate over time. *9mm Uzi - 32 round submachine gun. Can be held in akimbo (duel-wield) for more power but a longer reload time. Donators can use Golden Uzis, which do considerably more damage. *Submachine Gun (Half-Life)|Submachine Gun - Fires in Full Automatic, secondary fire zooms in. *5.56mm M16 w/ M203 grenade launcher - Fires in a 3 round burst. Grenades now have to be individually prepared before firing. *5.56mm Minigun - Unlike other weapons, must be picked up off the ground using E, and must be dropped before using another weapon. Fires in full-auto, with a long revving up time. Uses a single 600 round clip, additional ammo is added to the clip through SCXPM Ammo regeneration, picking up other miniguns, etc. ==Gameplay== ''Sven Co-op'' (as its name suggests) is a game that relies on cooperative effort. This could include simple tactics such as boosting another player to allow access to an otherwise unreachable area, working as a team to defeat enemies or "bosses" (usually used as term to refer to a final enemy/enemies that are tougher or the toughest of the normal enemies), healing teammates, or even reviving fallen teammates. Battles are action-packed, with a variety of enemies, ranging from Hazardous Environment Combat Unit to Xen and Race X creatures. ===Maps=== Although some maps are included with sven co-op, the majority are made by the community. Maps come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very long or in a series (e.g. The escape series where the players are "used as lab rats", and decide to escape), and some can be very short (e.g. sc_subway train where you and the team of players gets to the osprey helicopter). The gameplay ranges from standard walkthrough maps, where players fight their way from point A to point B with little story, to maps where several players fool around in an amusement park-like area. There are also tower defense maps, where players must survive an onslaught of enemies, and even "Maze" maps where players must navigate through large, complex mazes. ==Sequel== ''Sven Co-op 2'', using the Source engine, is in development. The developers have stated they will not continue it untill they complete the ''Half-Life'' version. A supposed (but unconfirmed) statement from the developers states they will continue work on ''Half-Life'' for the forseeable future. This remains unconfirmed however. ==External links== *http// Official website *{{Steam|url=225840|text=Sven Co-op}} ==References== {{Reflist}} {{Games}} {{FanRW}} CategoryGoldSrc mods CategoryThird-party games CategoryMultiplayer third-party games CategoryNon-canon games