Supply Crate

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{{Quote|We worried about the crate cliché a lot during development. Finally we gave up, and one of the first things you see when you start the game is a crate. We figured that this was the http// Old Man Murray equivalent of throwing yourself to the mercy of the court.|Gabe Newell|Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar}}

Originally manufactured and used by the Combine, the '''supply crate''' is used in great numbers by the Resistance to hold and deliver Medkit|health, CategoryWeapons|ammunition, and HEV Suit|energy equipment. Standard wooden supply crates are generally located near a Lambda logo, while infinite ammo crates are in Combine and Resistance-controlled areas.

FileEp2 outland 10 cache.jpg|One of the rebel supply caches in the Outlands, featuring crates with attached transponders.|thumb|200px|left

Supply crates visually are very different from normal wooden crates, as they are much smaller and have the word "supply" written on them, inside a yellow square. Much like other objects, crates can be picked up and destroyed by the Gravity Gun quite easily. The crowbar will always do the trick in one hit, regardless of the difficulty. What is found in the crate depends on the player's status, for example, if his health is low, the supply crate will usually give him a medkit. 

At some point in ''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'', supply crates are equipped with a Transponder, allowing Gordon Freeman|Gordon and Alyx Vance|Alyx to find them easier with the radar located in the Muscle Car.

The supply crate also has a variant (the "infinite ammo crate"), which contains infinite ammo. More of the size of a trunk, it is dark green, and made out of metal. They cannot be moved or destroyed and will resupply every time they are opened or hit with a crowbar. Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life 2)|RPG infinite ammo crates will often hint an important battle to come, most of the time involving one or more Combine Gunships or Striders.

==Related Achievements==
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!colspan="2" style="text-alignleft"|''The_Orange_Box_Achievements|Half-Life 2''
|rowspan=2 width=64px|FileHl2 find alllambdas.png
!style="text-alignleft"|Lambda Locator (15G)
|''Find all lambda caches.''
!colspan="2" style="text-alignleft"|''The_Orange_Box_Achievements|Half-Life 2 Episode Two''
|rowspan=2 width=64px|FileEp2 find allradarcaches.png
!style="text-alignleft"|Cache Checker (10G)
|''Find every radar cache in chapter Under The Radar.''

==Behind the scenes==
Some texture files show that infinite ammo crates were also to provide ammo for the .357 Magnum|.357 Magnum and the Resistance Crossbow|crossbow. They can still be added with Valve Hammer Editor|Hammer but will display the "ERROR" model because the crate models are missing.


FileSupply crate.jpg|Standard supply crate model.
FileSupply crate beacon.jpg|Ditto, with attached Transponder.
FileAmmocrate ar2 ep 2.jpg|Infinite ammo crate for the Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle|AR2.
FileAmmocrate ar2.jpg|Ditto, for the AR2 Energy Ball.
FileAmmocrate grenade.jpg|Ditto, for the Fragmentation Grenade (Half-Life 2)|Grenade.
FileAmmocrate pistol.jpg|Ditto, for the 9mm Pistol (Half-Life 2)|9mm Pistol.
FileAmmocrate rpg.jpg|Ditto, for the Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life 2)|RPG.
FileAmmocrate shotgun.jpg|Ditto, for the Combine SPAS-12|SPAS-12.
FileAmmocrate SMG1.jpg|Ditto, for the Submachine Gun (Half-Life 2)|Submachine Gun.
FileAmmocrate SMG2.jpg|Ditto, for the Submachine Gun's grenade.
FileD1 canals 120010.jpg|Headcrab Shell|Shelled Rebel outpost in the Canals, with supply crates.
FileMatt home.jpg|Supply crates in Matt's home.
FileEmplacement Gun NP bunker idle 1.jpg|Supply crates in Combine Bunker near Nova Prospekt.
FileEp2 outland 09 cache.jpg|One of the rebel supply caches in the Outlands, featuring crates with attached transponders.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life 2'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
*''Half-Life 2 Lost Coast'' {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode One''
* {{C|Not before Christmas 2007}}
*Source Particle Benchmark {{Gf}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two''

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