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'''''Subtransit''''' is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life''. It was included with the game on release. ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'' version of the map was released on December 10, 1999.{{IA|20000817085230/http//|'Tis the Season New Op For Maps|Official ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' website (December 6, 1999)}}

''Subtransit'' takes place in a large map with a train that can be used by the players.
The map consists of four major parts a conveyor belt area open to the sky, the train track tunnels, the underground passages and the flooded areas.
The conveyor belt area consists of a wide spacious area connected to the train track. Two slightly up-heading ramps can be used to either access the underground passages or the upper floor, which is made of two conveyor belts going "from" an alcove in the opposite wall, which has a RPG (Half-Life)|RPGin it. One of the conveyor belt ends area has a passage next to it, with one of its ends (the other one leading into the underground passages as well) leading into a small room separated by a grating from the another belt end area.
The train track tunnel is a long passage with a monorail or water at the bottom (as the yellow train is capable of floating on water). Despite having many turns, and sometimes changing its level, the rail does never run over (above or below) itself, nor is the altitude change ever great enough to allow that. There are many "stops" around the railway. If the first one is the one next to the conveyor belts, they go as follows
*1) right at the conveyor belts, with the Gluon Gun on the left (along with some Uranium-235 cells and health packs) and the Tau Cannon on some boxes on the right
*2) a small room with a valve opening a heavy door that leads into the flooded passages, has the Crossbow (Half-Life)|Crossbowsitting at the top of the stairs leading there
*3) already in the water-bottom part, this stop consists of a Charger|Health Chargerbetween two ways into the centre of the underground passages
*4) almost straight after 3), on the right is a doorway to a lift higher into the underground passages, or into the central area mentioned in 3). After that stop comes a turn to the left over a flooded passage, new drivers are encouraged to slow down and mind their head, as the next doorway is dangerously low and may cause the player to chase his/her train around the map for a long time
*5) right after the doorway, there is a small alcove filled with various ammo and a Health Charger
overview of the latter two parts will be added soon

==Behind the scenes==
*The map was possibly meant to be used as a cooperative map. There are nodes scattered around the map, which are used by characters for navigation. They were most likely to be used by the Marines seen in the early screenshots of the map. Cooperative specific starting points for players (info_player_coop) can be also found in the map. Picking up the RPG was to trigger a scripted event called "rpggrunts". Four marines were to run to the area with the tracks.
*The name of the map is "hlmp1" in the leaked ''Half-Life Source'' map pack (hl-wc-maps). This may be the original title of the map. Unlike other multiplayer maps, it doesn't use "dm" (deathmatch) prefix in its filename.
*Dario Casali's signature can be found in the map using the noclip mode.
*The train was originally created for the abandoned rail system section of ''Blast Pit''.FileWorldcraft-fullsize4.png


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