Submachine Gun (Half-Life)

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|image=FileHl smg world.png|250px
|name=Submachine Gun
|affiliation=*Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
*Black Mesa
*Military Police
*Black Ops
|type=WikipediaSubmachine gun|Submachine gun
|damage=*5/bullet (8 in some games such as ''Half-Life Source'')
*100/grenade (if direct hit)
|magazine=50 rounds 
|maxammo=*250 rounds
*10 20mm grenades
|ammotype=*Wikipedia9×19mm Parabellum|9×19mm Parabellum
*20mm grenades
|operation=Roller-delayed blowback, closed bolt
|rate of fire=600 RPM
|usedby=*Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
*Military Police
*Black Ops
*Gordon Freeman
*Adrian Shephard
*Barney Calhoun
*Gina Cross
*Colette Green
*weapon_9mmAR (GoldSrc only)
|designer=Ted Backman''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' (Half-Life_2_Raising_the_Bar proof), page 327
Steve Theodore{{IA|20070513091613/http//|Steve Theodore's personal website|}}
Stephen Bahl (HD version)http// Stephen Bahl as quoted on ''Marc Laidlaw Vault'' on the Forums }} The '''Submachine Gun''', or simply known as '''SMG''', is a weapon featured in ''Half-Life'' and Half-Life expansions (disambiguation)|its expansions. The primary weapon used by the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU, it is an automatic weapon with a high rate of fire. It is also equipped with a grenade launcher that boosts its effectiveness. ==Overview== FileHl soldier 01.png|thumb|145px|left|HECU Marine holding a Submachine Gun. *The SMG's bullets will instantly hit a target as soon as the gun is fired. Both the Submachine Gun and the 9mm Pistol use Wikipedia9×19mm Parabellum|9×19mm Parabellum and share the same ammunition reserve, making the Submachine Gun and the 9mm Pistol very easy to find ammunition for. *The attached grenade launcher fires powerful explosives that will automatically explode when hitting the ground. It does not need to be reloaded, so the player can fire as many grenades as they want until they run out of ammo for it. *This weapon is first obtained at the start of the ''Half-Life'' chapter ''Half-Life storyline#"We've Got Hostiles"|"We've Got Hostiles"''. It can be found next to a dead HECU Marine in the first room that has Sentry Guns. After that, it can be found in areas controlled by the HECU and picked up from dead HECU Marines. *When a player picks up an SMG for the first time, it will have 25 rounds in its magazine. The player must reload the gun to get 50 rounds in the magazine. However, in some related games such as ''Half-Life Day One'' and ''Half-Life Opposing Force'', the Submachine Gun already holds 50 rounds when picked up. ==Tactics== ===Submachine Gun=== *The Submachine Gun's accuracy is suitable for short to medium combat ranges, but has poor accuracy at longer ranges, so it is recommended to use five round bursts for long range. *The player should be sure not to use the Submachine Gun's bullets against large groups of enemies for the Sub Machinegun's bullets do only 5 points of damage. Save the bullets and fire the Submachine Gun's grenades instead. *Groups of weak enemies, such as Classic Headcrab|Headcrabs or Houndeyes, can easily be killed with the SMG. *The Submachine Gun is effective on small groups of Vortigaunts and Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU Marines. With Vortigaunts, one should remember to move often to avoid being hit by the Vortigaunts electric bolts. With HECU soldiers, one should stay out of their effective range or make use of cover, since they have the same SMGs and slightly better accuracy. *The Alien Controller is easy to kill with the SMG. Since its bullets hit instantly, the player can attack the Controller and avoid its plasma balls with ease. ===Grenade launcher=== *The grenade launcher should be used to clear out large groups of enemies at once. One grenade can kill up to five HECU soldiers with ease if it lands in the center of the group. *The grenade launcher is also effective against enemies that have a lot of health, such as the Alien Grunt. One grenade can usually kill it in one shot. If not, it only takes a few shots from the SMG to finish it off. *Using the grenade launcher against weak enemies, such as Headcrabs, is obviously effective but is a waste of ammunition. Melee attacks or normal bullets from any weapon are more advised. *The grenade launcher is one of the few weapons that can damage a Gargantua, so one should stock up on its ammo when wanting to kill a Gargantua manually. *If the grenade launcher is used at long range, intelligent enemies can usually run away from it before it explodes. Therefore, getting closer to the intended victims before firing is advised, as it prevents them from running away. However, being too close will affect the player's health, as with all explosive weapons. ==Behind the scenes== FileWe Are Pulling Out4.jpg|HECU Marine threatening a scientist with his Submachine Gun.|thumb|200px|right *The Submachine Gun is inspired by the real-life WikipediaHeckler & Koch MP5|MP5 by Heckler & Koch. In the ''Half-Life High Definition Pack'', it was replaced with an Assault Rifle inspired by the WikipediaM4 carbine|M4 carbine, which is actually the weapon originally used during the development of ''Half-Life'', that also had a different firing sound than that of the final version, as well as a a 30-round magazine size. *The retail viewmodel and the early worldmodel are based on the WikipediaMP5SD|MP5SD, while the retail worldmodel is a regular MP5. *The grenade launcher in ''Deathmatch Classic'' uses a reskinned Submachine Gun grenade model. ==Gallery== ===''Half-Life''=== ====Pre-release==== FileSmg view alpha.jpg|Early viewmodel with bare hands and forearms as seen in most of the first screenshots of the gallery, from Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha. FileSdk smg view.png|More recent version from the Half-Life SDK|''Half-Life'' SDK. FileHECU early smg pre.jpg|HECU Marines with M4s and player, with an early viewmodel. FileHECU early sc2.jpg|Ditto. FileHECU early smg aimed.jpg|Ditto. FileHECU early sc1.jpg|Ditto. FileHECU early landing.jpg|HECU Marines with M4s. FileOld smg shooting glass.jpg|Early Submachine Gun shooting glass . FileMarine early smg.jpg|HECU Marines with early Submachine Guns. FileQuake10.jpg|Early Submachine Gun reloading. FileQuake11.jpg|Early Submachine Gun launching grenades. FileQuake12.jpg|Ditto. FileQuake13.jpg|Bullsquid|Bullchicken about to be killed by an M203 grenade. FileQuake14.jpg|The same Bullchicken exploded. FileQuake15.jpg FileDS6-Panel27.jpg FileEarly smg.png|Early model used by the Marines. FileOem smg world.png|''Half-Life Day One|Day One'' version. ==== Retail ==== FileSmg hud.png|HUD icon. FileSmghd hud.png|High Definition version. FileHl smg world.png|Worldmodel. FileM4w.png|High Definition version. FileHlof smg world.png|''Opposing Force'' version. FileHl smg view.png|Viewmodel. FileHl smg view hd.png|High Definition version. ===''Half-Life'' expansions=== FileHlof smg view.png|''Opposing Force'' viewmodel. FileHlof smg view hd.png|High Definition version. FileHlbs smg view.png|''Blue Shift'' viewmodel. FileHlbs smg view hd.png|High Definition version. ===Other=== FileMp5mag 1.png|Submachine Gun magazine, which holds 50 rounds of 9mm ammo. FileMp5mag hd.png|High Definition version. It is a WikipediaSTANAG magazine|STANAG-standard 5.56x45mm magazine. FileArgrenade 1.png|Grenades model. Fileargrenade hd.png|High Definition version. Filechainammo 1.png|Unused large box of 9mm ammo, holding 200 rounds. FileBm7.png|Early version. FileHl bullet.jpg|Shell model FileBeretta m4 deagle bullet case.jpg|High Definition version. FileHlof bullet.jpg|''Opposing Force'' version. ==List of alternate names== *9mm Assault Rifle {{C|''Half-Life''}} *Combat Rifle {{C|''Half-Life Prima Guide''}} *Heckler & Koch MP5 SD (Schalldämpfer) {{C|''Half-Life'' SDK}} ==List of appearances== ===Main games=== *''Half-Life'' *''Half-Life Opposing Force'' *''Half-Life Blue Shift'' *''Half-Life Decay'' ===Other=== *http// ''Half-Life'' 1997 Teaser *''Half-Life Day One'' {{1st}} {{Nc}} *''Half-Life Uplink'' {{Nc}} *''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' ==References== {{Imagecat|Submachine Gun (Half-Life) images}} {{Reflist}} {{Weapons}} {{HECU}} {{Black Ops}} {{Black Mesa}} plMP5 (HL) CategoryWeapons CategorySubmachine guns CategoryHECU weapons CategoryAutomatic weapons CategoryBlack Ops weapons CategoryBlack Mesa weapons