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The '''Stukabat'''''Half-Life'' files is an alien creature cut from ''Half-Life''. It can be found in the game files.

A bat-like creature with six eyes, the Stukabat would have been met in open spaces and attack the player from the air with its claws. According to its animations and early gameplay footage,{{YouTube|url=jMTO5xO1jf4|text=''Half-Life'' - E3 1998 - Train}} the Stukabat was able to hang itself on ceilings like a normal bat, walk on the ground after being forced on it aided by its single rear leg and its wings, and would not always attack the player.{{YouTube|url=jMTO5xO1jf4|text=Half-Life - E3 1998 - Train}} It would also emit bird of prey-like noises.{{YouTube|url=jMTO5xO1jf4|text=Half-Life - E3 1998 - Train}}

The Stukabats were to be found in the generator area of the chapter ''Blast Pit''.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' They were to be roosted when the generator was turned on. Landing spots for the creatures can be found in the maps c1a4b and c1a4f. They were to be encountered in the rail tunnels in the map c2a2f of the chapter ''On A Rail''.{{YouTube|url=jMTO5xO1jf4|text=Half-Life - E3 1998 - Train}} In the chapter ''Communications Center'', the Stukabats were to swarm down from the sky when the ceiling hatch in the helipad was opened. The player was to use the blades of an Apache to kill them.Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha Walkthrough (WalkThru.doc) (September 4, 1997) They can be also seen in the level plans for ''Half-Life.html">Xen.''Half-Life'' instruction manual

==Behind the scenes==
There are two node hint types referenced in the code, "ceiling perch" (300) and "landing spot" (301).''Worldcraft'', ''Half-Life'' Game Definition File (halflife.fgd) The Stukabat's name was derived from the German WikipediaJunkers Ju 87|Junkers Ju 87 aircraft which was nicknamed the "Stuka" (from "Sturzkampfflugzeug", or "dive bomber").

==In modding==
The ''Half-Life'' mods ''http// Point of View'' and ''Sven Co-op'' include a fully working Stukabat NPC, while in ''Point of View'' it is used as a weapon.


FileTentacle silo concept.jpg|''Blast Pit'' cabal.
FileXen vista full.jpg|Cabal for Xen.
FileStuka rough1.png|Texture study.
FileStukabat_display1.jpg|Model renders.
FileStukabat 2.jpg|Another view of the model.
FileStuka high.png|Model render with original textures.
FileStuka low.png|Model render with in-game textures.
FileStuka mesh01.png|The original mesh render.
FileStuka mesh02.png|The in-game mesh render.
FileStukabat zoo.jpg|In a zoo map.
FileTrain video02.png|In ''On  A Rail''.
FileTrain video04.png|Ditto.
FileChopper and Stukabats.jpg|In ''Communications Center''.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}} {{Gf}} {{Nc}}
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' {{C|As "Stuka"}} {{Nc}}


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