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'''Station 1'''''Half-Life 2'' game files is the first and main Underground Railroad station visited by Gordon Freeman during his journey to Black Mesa East. It is located in the City 17 Canals, next to the Rail transport|railroad.


Connected to the outside by a large pipe, Station 1 is located in a large, concealed sewer room where Resistance members could live in relative comfort, or use the dedicated Resistance communication|radio. The room also includes a sofa, a table, two chairs, and several mattresses. There is also a number of Medkit|medical supplies and Battery|batteries, most likely scavenged from the nearby Civil Protection forces or stray City Scanners.

Nearby are damaged train boxcars, one of them housing Joe and a Vortigaunt. As often seen in the Canals, several Barnacles hang on ceilings in the surroundings.

FileStation 1 massacre.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Two Citizens killed by the Combine at Station 1.

===''Half-Life 2''===

Not so long before Gordon Freeman's arrival at Station 1, Civil Protection forces found the station and commenced a raid to destroy it.

When Freeman arrives, CPs have already rounded up outside some of the Rebels who were stationed there and gun them down with an Emplacement Gun mounted on the station's roof, while they beg for mercy. One survivor sees Freeman from the main room access tunnel when he arrives and pleads for help, but is shot from behind by a Metrocop.

After eliminating the Civil Protection presence in the area while being unable to save any Rebel, Freeman continues on. He soon finds Mary, a Rebel who was hiding in a nearby concrete pipe, who urges him to go on.


Filed1_canals_01a0000.jpg|The concrete bridge collapsed on the tracks, preventing any train from actually passing.
Filed1_canals_01a0001.jpg|Station 1 as seen when arriving.
Filed1_canals_01a0002.jpg|The inside, as seen from the outside.
Filed1_canals_01a0006.jpg|View from the roof, from the Emplacement Gun CP's point of view.
FileCP Emplacement Gun Station 1.jpg|Metrocop killing Rebels with the Emplacement Gun.
Filed1_canals_01a0008.jpg|Lambda location right after Station 1.

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