Stasis Chamber

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A '''Stasis Chamber''' is a tank where Test Subjects are "stored" while waiting to be awaken for testing. In the Human Vault located near the Co-op Test Shaft in the lowest levels of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and opened by ATLAS and P-body for GLaDOS, all Test Subjects are maintained in stasis in these tanks. They seem to be more efficient than the beds used in the Relaxation Vault and Relaxation Center, which can store humans for significantly less time than the Stasis Chambers can.

It is first seen in the http// outro video of ''Portal 2''’s co-op mode, when ATLAS and P-body discover the Vault. It is seen again in the following credits, when GLaDOS chooses her future Test Subjects from a screen on which the names of the ''Portal 2'' team members act as the Test Subject's names.

==Behind the scenes==

The name "Stasis Chamber" comes from the name of the model seen in the co-op credits.


FileHuman vault.jpg|The Stasis Chamber-filled Human Vault.
FileApplegate.jpg|John Applegate in his Stasis Chamber.
FileTurner.jpg|L.D. Turner in his Stasis Chamber.

==List of appearances==

*''Portal 2'' {{1st}}

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