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| image=FileSpecial_Magazine.png|250px
| name=Special Magazine
| affiliation=Combine
| type=
| maxammo=5
| usedby=*Combine Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer ({{SCU}})
*Combine Medic (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Medic ({{SIS}})
| entity=*weapon_magazine_mp
(weapon entity) *item_specialmagazine (thrown) }} The '''Special Magazine''', also known as the '''S-Magazine''', is an item (used as a weapon game-wise) in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor''. It is Battle Points|unlocked by reaching C-Class as the Combine Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer, and can be Survivor Gold|purchased by the Combine Medic (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Medic for 40,000 SG. Resistance characters use the Energy Battery instead. ==Overview== Similarly to many of the grenades, the Special Magazine can be thrown in two ways primary attack can be used to throw it over medium distances, secondary drops it near the player. While the grenades can usually be rolled with the secondary attack, the Special Magazine gets thrown in a vertical position, and usually stays right where it has landed. The Special Magazine contains ammunition for all of the available weapons that require bullets or other forms of projectiles (see the table below). It does not have ammunition for weapons that are considered throwable or placeable. When picked up, it will give the player a certain amount of ammo for the currently selected weapon. If the Special Magazine has no ammo for the selected weapon or the player can not carry any more, the magazine will not be picked up. ==Contents== {| class="wikitable sortable" style="background ; text-aligncenter" |- ! Weapon !!data-sort-type="number"| Ammo |- | 9mm Pistol (Half-Life 2) | Pistol || 15 |- | Dual 9mm Pistols || 20 |- | Silenced 9mm Pistol || 20 |- | .357 Magnum || 12 |- | Submachine Gun (Half-Life 2)|Submachine Gun || 270*battle.cfg |- | Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle|Pulse Rifle || 210* |- | Gatling Gun || 500 |- | Shotgun (Half-Life 2)|Shotgun || 12 |- | Dual Shotgun || 15 |- | Paint Gun || 5 |- | Crossbow (Half-Life 2)|Crossbow || 5 |- | Poison Crossbow || 5 |- | Charge Bow || 5 |- | Sniper Rifle (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Sniper Rifle || 10 |- | Stun Sniper Rifle || 3 |- | Marking Sniper Rifle || 3 |- | Laser Rifle || 100 |- | Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life 2)|RPG || 4 |- | Dual Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers|Dual RPG || 6 |- | Recovery Injection || 10*Default cvar values |- |} ''* — amount may exceed maximum carry capacity.'' The maximum amount of ammunition a player can get from the Special Magazine is equal to the amount of the reserve ammunition that player can carry. For example, the Combine Medic (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Medic can have 1 loaded and 8 reserve shots for the Recovery Injection, which makes it 9 total. Although the Special Magazine contains 10, which is more than any player is able to have, if the Combine Medic picks it up with an empty recovery injection, he will only receive 8 shots (1 loaded, 7 in reserve). ==Trivia== *After being dropped, it can be picked up both by teammates and enemy players, but teammates will also see a flashing Special Magazine symbol with an arrow pointing towards it, even through walls, making it easier for them to find it. *It is one of the three sources of ammunition after the game has started, the other two being the Surprise Box for Submachine Gun (Half-Life 2)|SMG ammo, and resupply cabinets for SMG and Pulse Rifle's primary ammo. *When the Special Magazine gets picked up with a completely empty weapon, ammunition will be loaded automatically without the need of reloading. *The icons of 9mm Pistol, .357 Magnum, Shotgun (Half-Life 2)|Shotgun, Submachine Gun (Half-Life 2)|SMG, Pulse Rifle, Crossbow (Half-Life 2)|Crossbow, Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (Half-Life 2)|RPG, Sniper Rifle (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Sniper Rifle and Paint Gun are painted on the magazine. *The magazine also has "impulse 101" written on it — a reference to cheat command that gives the player all weapons. ==Gallery== FileSpecial Magazine HUD.png|HUD icon. FileHL2S SMagazine.png|Loadout icon. FileSpecial Magazine.png|Worldmodel. FileSpecial Magazine Viewmodel Blue.jpg|Viewmodel (blue team). FileSpecial_Magazine_Thrown.jpg|The Special Magazine in-game. Filespecialmagazine.jpg|Magazine's texture, showing weapon icons and "impulse 101". ==List of appearances== *''Half-Life 2 Survivor'' {{1st}} {{Nc}} ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== *{{IA|20100830022133/http//hl2survivor.net/ver2/item_43.html|Special Magazine|the official ''Survivor'' website}} *http//www7.atwiki.jp/hl2survivor2/pages/25.html#26 Special Magazine on the ''Survivor'' wiki {{Multiplayer}} CategoryWeapons CategoryHalf-Life 2 Survivor