Snark Pit

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|designer=Dario Casali{{IA|20040805103005/http//|Interview with Dario Casali|Planet Half-Life (July 15, 2004)}}
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'''''Snark Pit''''' is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life''. It was included with the game on release. Dario Casali's signature can be found in the map using the noclip mode.

==Behind the scenes==
''Snark Pit'' is based on one of Casali's previous maps known as ''DCDM3'', one in a series of deathmatch maps he created in 1997 for ''WikipediaQuake (video game)|Quake'' while waiting for his visa to work at Valve Corporation|Valve.{{IA|20120304074537/http//|Dario Casali's personal site}} The name of the map is hldm3 in the leaked ''Half-Life Source'' map pack (hl-wc-maps). This may be the original title of the map.


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