Snark Egg

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|maxammo=5 Snarks
|rate of fire=
|projectile speed=
|entity=N/A (http// brush)
The '''Snark Eggs''',http// Brush name also known as the '''Alien Spheres''',''Half-Life Prima Guide'' are alien organisms featured in ''Half-Life''.

The Snark Eggs are stationary alien organisms filled with Snarks. They consist of a body hung in mid-air with a yellow laser beam coming out of its top, and two other purple beams randomly emit from its sides. If the player touches the body, or the purple beams, the Egg explodes and releases Snarks.

The Snark Eggs appear only in the chapter ''"Forget About Freeman!"''. They block an optional path that leads to an area with supplies, which is also covered with web-like alien materials. The player has to destroy one that blocks the entrance to the canals in order to progress.

==Behind the scenes==
It is speculated that the Snark Eggs may be biological bombs installed by the members of the Xen military as traps. This, however, remains unconfirmed.


FileSnark mine c3a10017.jpg|A Snark Egg above a hatch.
FileSnark mine c3a10009.jpg|Snark Egg between two webs.
FileSnark mine c3a10014.jpg|Alien Grunt stationed near a Snark Egg. 

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life {{1st}}''


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