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WikipediaInteractive entertainment|Interactive entertainment | foundation = 1979 | founder = WikipediaKen Williams (game developer)|Ken Williams
WikipediaRoberta Williams|Roberta Williams | location = WikipediaFresno, California|Fresno, California, WikipediaUnited States|USA | parent = WikipediaActivision|Activision | homepage = http// }} '''Sierra Entertainment''' is an American publisher founded in 1979 as '''On-Line Systems''' by Ken and Roberta Williams. Based in Oakhurst, California and later in Fresno, California, the company is owned by Activision, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. Sierra handled the retail publication of several Valve games under its proper name and later under its holding name, Vivendi Games, until Electronic Arts took over. Following the release of ''Half-Life'', Sierra offered a "Congratulations for Raising the Bar on Action Games" award to Valve in the form of a golden crowbar. It is showcased in the lobby at Valve's headquarters, also featuring the replica of the ''Half-Life 2'' crowbar. ==Published Valve games== *''Half-Life'' (1998) *''Half-Life Uplink'' (1999) *''Half-Life Further Data'' *''wccounterstrikeCounter-Strike|Counter-Strike'' (1999) *''Half-Life Opposing Force'' (1999) *Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|''Half-Life'' (Dreamcast port) (canceled) *''Half-Life Blue Shift'' (2001) *Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|''Half-Life'' (PlayStation 2) (2001) *''Half-Life 2'' (2004) ==External links== FileGolden crowbar.jpg|thumb|150px|Sierra's golden crowbar at Valve. *http// Official website *{{Wikipedia|url=Sierra_Entertainment|text=Sierra Entertainment}} *{{YouTube|M7ckRx13UcM|Original Sierra introduction logo}} {{RW}} CategoryGame developers