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|location=The Coast
|era=Combine occupation of Earth|Combine occupation
|designer=*Aaron Barber (level design)
*http//,53766/ David Sawyer (level design)WC mappack
*Laura Dubuk (magnetic crane)''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''
{{Quote|Hello, Dr. Freeman. The car's all ready for you. Hop in and I'll lower you down to the beach.|Noriko|Half-Life 2|FileCr car ready.ogg}}
'''Shorepoint Base''',FileCoastmap sheet.png also known simply as '''Shorepoint''', is a Resistance base that appears at the end of the ''Half-Life 2'' chapter ''"We Don't Go To Ravenholm..."'' and at the start of the chapter ''Highway 17 (Chapter)|Highway 17''.

FileD1 town 050012.jpg|Wounded Rebels being looked after by Shorepoint's nurse.|thumb|200px|left

Very close to Ravenholm, Shorepoint is the first of a string of Rebel outposts scattered along the Coast. Along Highway 17, it precedes New Little Odessa, and seems to have once been a group of warehouses before the Combine began to drain the ocean. As most of the time along the coast, shipwrecks are lying in the sand nearby and the water does not come under the pier anymore.

Shorepoint has two entrances one is accessible from train yards leading out of Ravenholm and leads to an old garage with damaged cars, then to what appears to be the main building, where the radio, supplies and wounded Rebels being looked after can be found. Additionally, the base houses a Scout Car which can be lowered on the beach by a magnetic crane located among the piers. The second entrance to the base can be accessed from the beach by climbing a ladder leading to the main pier. In order to keep Antlion Soldier|Antlions from jumping up into the base, two stolen Emplacement Guns manned by two Rebels are mounted on each side of the crane.

FileLeon Alyx TV.jpg|Leon listening to Alyx.|right|thumb|200px

The leader of Shorepoint is apparently Leon. The mechanic and crane operator is a woman named Noriko. The base also includes other Rebels such as Winston, Daniel and Jacob, an unnamed nurse who takes care of the wounded, and a Vortigaunt. Alyx and Eli Vance apparently spent some time there, since she states they are the ones who left there the Scout Car they both "put together".

FileD1 town 050000.jpg|Rebels and Overwatch Soldiers fighting.|thumb|200px|left

===''Half-Life 2''===

After exciting the Ravenholm mines, Gordon Freeman goes through a railway section protected by Overwatch Snipers that leads him to the back of the base.

When Freeman arrives on the spot, it appears the Combine has discovered the base, as Overwatch Soldiers are attacking it. The attack fails when Freeman helps the four Rebels (Leon, Daniel, Winston already hurt and on the ground, and an unnamed woman) dispatch the remaining soldiers.

When Gordon meets Leon, the base has established a transmission with Alyx, who states her father has been taken by boat to Nova Prospekt. While Alyx will manage to get there by train, Gordon must travel along the coast with the Scout Car. He then proceeds to the next Rebel station, New Little Odessa, after a small mishap with the crane's magnet while lowered on the beach with the Scout Car.

==Behind the scenes==

*In ''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'', Laura Dubuk talks about the creation of the magnetic crane introduced at Shorepoint and featured again at Dock 137 "''When it came time to gather reference for the magnetic crane, I got my camera and a friend and I drove down to west Seattle where there are a number of them. For the crane interior, I used the inside of a bulldozer and the reference was complete.''"''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

*Shorepoint introduces many new NPCs the Overwatch Sniper, the Overwatch Soldier, the Antlion Soldier, and the seagull.

*In the playable ''Half-Life 2'' leak, Shorepoint Base's exterior map (d2_coast_01) is slightly different. The Scout Car is held by wedges, there is no Noriko (placeholder male sounds are used instead), no Rebels manning two mounted AR2s (only two Rebels with MP5K, and farther), no Antlion Hill, and much fewer Antlions.


Helping the Rebels dispatch the Combine soldiers during the battle witnessed upon entering the base is not necessary. Whatever the player does, the Rebels will win the battle; it will just take longer without helping them.


FileCoastmap sheet numbered.png|Shorepoint on the Coast map, at #1.
FileCrane sketch.jpg|Concept art for the magnetic crane.
FileShorepoint Base Beta.jpg|Shorepoint in the playable ''Half-Life 2'' leak.
FileShorepoint beach sign.jpg|"Keep out" sign on the beach of the leak Shorepoint Base.
FileBuggy shorepoint beta.jpg|The Scout Car on Pier 87 in the playable ''Half-Life 2'' leak.
FileG-Man Shorepoint.jpg|The G-Man glimpsed near Shorepoint.
FileD1 town 050002.jpg|Rebels and Overwatch Soldiers fighting, with Daniel on the right.
FileDaniel fire.jpg|Daniel firing at the soldiers.
FileLeon fire.jpg|Leon firing at the soldiers.
FileD1 town 050011.jpg|Daniel and the other Rebel looking after Winston. 
FileD1 town 050010.jpg|Ditto.
FileJacob + nurse.jpg|Detail of Jacob being looked after.
FileD1 town 050087.jpg|Alyx's communication to Shorepoint.
FileD2 coast 01000.jpg|Pier 87, with the crane and the Scout Car. 
FileD2 coast 010143.JPG|Rebel defending the pier with an Emplacement Gun.
FileD2 coast 010154.JPG|Ditto.
FileD2 coast 010001.jpg|The Scout Car waiting on Pier 87.
FileNoriko.jpg|Noriko sitting at the crane's commands.
FileD2 coast 010003.jpg|The Scout Car being lowered on the beach by the crane's magnet. 
FileD2 coast 010014.jpg|The Scout Car falls upside down when the crane's magnet fails and Antlions attack.

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