Shake Trap

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| image=FileShake Trap.png|250px
| name=Shake Trap
| type=Trap
| maxammo=6
| operation=Throw to install
| usedby=*Resistance Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer ({{SCU}})
*Combine Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer ({{SIE}})
| entity=*weapon_shake_mp (weapon entity)
*item_ammo_shaketrap (ammo entity)
*grenade_shake (dropped)

The '''Shake Trap''' is a weapon in ''Half-Life 2 Survivor''. It is a part of standard equipment for the Combine Engineer (Half-Life 2 Survivor)|Engineer, and can be Battle Points|unlocked for the Resistance Engineer by reaching D-Class.

The primary attack can be used to throw the Shake Trap for a short distance, like the secondary mode of the S.L.A.M. After the thrown Shake Trap falls on a surface and stops moving, it becomes immune to all forms of damage and can not be moved unless it's pushed by physics objects. After that, the trap becomes invisible, but its position is indicated to teammates by a flashing "TRAP!" text with an arrow pointing towards it.

When an enemy player steps on the placed Shake Trap, the trap explodes, creating a pink colored spherical energy field, which rapidly grows and then contracts and disappears in about 2 seconds. The explosion causes no damage. Players who come in contact with the field, regardless of the team, will have the Status Effects (Half-Life 2 Survivor) status effect applied to them.

While captured, the player is unable to move and attack, and can only look around and switch weapons. The effect lasts for a maximum of 10 seconds, but the captured player may escape faster by attempting to move in alternating opposite directions (left-right or forwards-backwards), which is indicated on the screen. Capture is one of the few status effects that can not be cured with the Recovery Injection.

The Shake Trap can be bypassed by jumping over it. This will set off the trap without affecting the player, although it still may affect other nearby players.


FileShake Trap HUD.png|HUD icon.
FileHL2S STrap.png|Loadout icon.
FileShake Trap.png|Worldmodel.
FileShake Trap Viewmodel Red.jpg|Viewmodel (red team).
FileShake Trap Placed.jpg|Placed Shake Trap.
FileCapture Grenade Explosion.jpg|Energy field created by the explosion.
FileCapture First Person.jpg|First person view of the captured player.
FileCapture Third Person.jpg|Ditto, third person view.
FileCapture First Person Sparks.jpg|Sparks caused by player's escape attempt.

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