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The '''security card''',''Half-Life'' game data file (halflife.fgd) also known as the '''security keycard''',Half-Life SDK|''Half-Life'' SDK is an item cut from ''Half-Life''.

Security cards were to give the player access to doors locked with a card reader in the Black Mesa Research Facility. They were likely to be picked up in offices or on the dead bodies of Black Mesa personnel.

In the Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha, security card readers can be found throughout the levels. Although no security cards are present, they're mentioned in the walkthrough for the game. In the chapter ''Communications Center'', the player was required to kill a Black Mesa Security Force|security guard and take his card to gain entry to previously inaccessible rooms.

==Behind the scenes==
The security cards were cut late in the development. In a FileSector b 02.jpg|screenshot from September of 1998, a card can be seen next to a dead security guard. The card's model can be found in the files in the final game. The card readers were to use the "buttons/button9.wav" beeping sound file which is described as "keycard sound". The card reader's texture is used in the final game for generic buttons.

==In other media==
The security card model was recycled for ''http// Team Fortress Classic'' map ''http// rock2''. In this appearance, they're team-colored and feature four new skins for each team.

===Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha===

FileDoor switch alpha.jpg|A card reader in ''The Portal Device''.
FileCard reader alpha.jpg|In ''The Security Complex''.
HECU doors card readers alpha.jpg|In ''Alien Research Lab''.

===Half-Life (pre-release)===

FileSector b 02.jpg|A card in ''Unforeseen Consequences''.
FileHoundeye pack.jpg|A card reader in ''Office Complex''.


FileCard and mp.jpg|An unusable card reader in Santego Military Base.


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