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{{Quote|If you're waiting for the tram to Sector G, then you're probably better off walking it. I overheard someone say that all the trams on this end of the facility are having problems.|Black Mesa Science Team|Black Mesa scientist|Half-Life Blue Shift|FileSc maint.ogg}}

'''Sector G'''FileTram map 01.png|Black Mesa Transit System map is one of the seven main CategoryBlack Mesa Sectors|Sectors of the Black Mesa Research Facility. It is connected to the Red Line of the Black Mesa Transit System. Sector G has at least 8 main indoor Levels accessible through the dual Main Access Lifts.As heard by the Black Mesa Announcement System/Quotes|Black Mesa Announcement System in ''Blue Shift'' "''Warning. Main power failure in Levels 3, 5 and 8.''"

===Freight hangars===

After defeating the Pit Worm, Adrian Shephard goes through a series of partially destroyed hangars located on the other side of the Hydro-Electric Dam. There he battles with several HECU|comrades many Black Ops and Race X creatures squabbling over the area. When he goes through the main hangar area for the first time, it is filled with explosives. The access to the dam is blocked, and he is forced to go underground. There he fights an endless swarm of Pit Drones he must contain by closing two large blast doors with levers and faces a colony of nesting Voltigores in pitch black corridors. When he reaches the surface again, the main hangar area is in ruins, as the explosives have detonated and cleared to path to the dam.''Half-Life Opposing Force''


FileFoxtrot Uniform0.jpg|A Black Ops truck with unloaded troops at the start of the area.
FileBlack ops browning.jpg|Black Op manning a Tripod-Mounted Heavy Machine Gun.
FileBlackop firing.jpg|Male Black Op firing at Shock Troopers in one of the hangars.
FileHl 2012-05-08 12-09-58-89.jpg|The main hangar area. 
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-59-32-97.jpg|Voltigore hiding behind the vegetation.
FileHl 2012-05-08 12-15-51-56.jpg|The Pit Drone chamber.
FileOf5a200005.jpg|Voltigore preparing for an attack in the pitch black corridors.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-48-25-10.jpg|Voltigore shooting at Shephard.
FileFoxtrot Uniform 3.jpg|Baby Voltigore and egg in a nest.
FileOf5a20002.jpg|Baby Voltigores and egg in a nest.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-57-41-72.jpg|Nesting Voltigore.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-52-56-70.jpg|Idle Voltigore in the pitch black corridors.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-52-49-79.jpg|Ditto.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-54-55-98.jpg|Human skeleton and Submachine Gun in the Voltigore corridors.
FileHl 2012-05-08 11-56-17-80.jpg|Human skeletons and spore cluster in a nest in the Voltigore corridors.
FileHl 2012-05-08 12-29-04-14.jpg|The main hangar area after the explosives' detonation.
FileFoxtrot Uniform4.jpg|Two Shock Troopers and a Voltigore in the hangar area behind the dam.

===Topside Hydro Plant===
FileC2a5 dam02.jpg|The Hydro-Electric Dam.|right|thumb|200px

Sector G's most prominent feature is the Topside Hydro Plant, featuring the iconic WikipediaHoover Dam|Hoover Dam-like Hydro-Electric Dam. A road passes above the dam; one direction leads to the Alien Research Labs,''Half-Life'' the other to the freight hangars mentioned above.

When Gordon Freeman reaches the dam from the Alien Research Labs, it is mostly intact, but the HECU posted a Artillery Cannon|cannon on the other side. An Apache is also patrolling the area and destroys the bridge linking the intake tower to the dam. Freeman is forced to quickly dive in the basin where an Ichthyosaur is swimming to reach the intake tower and stop one of the propellers below, then pass under the dam to proceed further, in a Black Mesa desert|desert area.''Half-Life''

Later Adrian Shephard reaches the dam after going through the hangar area located on the other side of the dam. There he witnesses his comrades assaulting a trapped Gargantua, while the G-Man is talking on a cellphone in the intake tower, before leaving through a Teleportation|portal where Sprites are diving in. He then defeats the creature with dynamite, damaging the middle of the dam. At that point, the other side of the dam from which Freeman originally came is blocked by Race X Spore Launcher|moss, and the water level on the other side of the dam has also greatly risen, apparently due to Freeman having turned off the turbines underwater.

A duct system inside the dam leads to exit H-287GQ, located in a small desert area. Farther Sector E Materials Transport can be reached through an Sector E Storage Facility|Ordinance Storage Facility, under which the Gene Worm appears.

The name "Topside Hydro Plant" is given in a Black Mesa Announcement System Black Mesa Announcement System/Quotes|announcement;''Half-Life'' the name "Hydro Electric" is given in a FileTram map 01.png|Black Mesa Transit System map seen in ''Blue Shift''.


FileEarly Hydro-Electric Dam.jpg|Early screenshot.
FileC1A0 FLIPSIGN2.png
FileG-Man portal dam.jpg
FileOf5a4 dam01.jpg|Before.
FileOf5a4 dam02.jpg|After.
FileGarg dam boom.jpg
FileDm shephard preview.png
FileOp4 install2.png|Staged screenshot of Shephard and his comrades fighting Shock Troopers, Headcrabs and Black Ops in the area following the dam.

===Sector G Main Access Lift===
The Main Access Lift is a set of two elevators linking Sector G Level 1 to at least Level 4, Level 1 being connected to the Black Mesa Transit System. The one used by Barney Calhoun and two scientists when the Resonance Cascade occurs is seen to connect to Levels 1, 2 and 4 only, the latter consisting of several sublevels accessed from both sides of the elevator shaft. As the name implies, both elevators presumably give access to the entirety of Sector G.

FileMain Access Lift from BMTS.jpg
FileElevator station01.jpg

===Small Materials Storage Area===

Visited by Calhoun after the elevator failure, this area is connected to the Main Access Lift and located in a sublevel of Level 4. It is filled with crates and boxes, as well as Houndeyes. Beyond it is a large flooded office, then two handling areas.

===Handling areas===
FileDuty Calls 2.jpg|Dead Vortigaunt in the South Tunnel.|right|thumb|200px

The first of two large handling areas connects Tunnels South and North, each closed by large doors. Access to North Tunnel is denied to Calhoun due to a button failure, he can only access South Tunnel. Beyond the tunnel is another handling area with a set of cranes that Calhoun uses to proceed to the Drainage Canal.
===Drainage Canal===

The canal, presumably still part of Level 4 (no Level signs are seen beyond the Small Materials Storage Area) and used for Waste Crushing and Disposal, is accessed by Barney Calhoun through Entry Point B-0. It features a large elevator used to move important items such as crates, and two large wheels in the canal itself used to crush garbage. The Drainage Canal is also connected through a small trapdoor to a small road linking the Freight Yard to the Black Mesa South Access|South Exit.''Half-Life Blue Shift''


FileBa canal20001.jpg|The Waste Crushing and Disposal in the Drainage Canal. 
FileDuty Calls 3.jpg|Calhoun catches HECU soldiers throwing away security guard corpses.

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*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' 


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