Sector E

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'''Sector E''' is one of the seven main CategoryBlack Mesa Sectors|Sectors of the Black Mesa Research Facility.FileTram map 01.png|Black Mesa Transit System map

==Biodome Complex==
{{Main|Black Mesa Biodome Complex}}
The Biodome Complex is is a location featured in ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'' in the chapter ''Vicarious Reality''. It is a large facility that contains a series of simulated environments where captured aliens and flora are kept and observed in artificial recreations of their natural habitats. Alongside these enclosures are laboratories where scientists perform studies and tests on the creatures in closer detail.


FileOf4a1 hall.jpg|The entrance.
FileOf4a1 dome.jpg|The specimen habitats.
FileOf4a2 biodome.jpg|Ditto.
FileOf4a2 cages.jpg|The cages.
FileOf4a2 Spore Launchers.jpg|Specimens.
FileOf4a2 room.jpg|Laboratory.
FileOf4a3 holo.jpg|The message system.
FileXen cases BMRF.jpg|Specimens.
FileOf4a3 test.jpg|Testing lab.
FileOf4a3 dome.jpg|Area under construction.

==Materials Transport==
{{Main|On A Rail}}

The Subsurface Materials Transport System, also simply known as the Materials Transport, is a location featured in ''Half-Life'' and ''Opposing Force'' in the chapters ''Power Up'', ''On A Rail'', and ''Friendly Fire''. It is a large decommissioned underground rail system, which consists of a network of train tunnels, storage areas, and offices.


FileC2a2 entrance.jpg
FileC2a2a cart.jpg
FileC2a2d gun.jpg
FileC2a2g gun.jpg
FileC2a2e carts.jpg
FileC2a2e gun.jpg
FileC2a2g exterior.jpg
FileC2a2g cart.jpg

==Track Control==
{{Main|Power Up}}

The Track Control is a location featured in ''Half-Life'' in the chapter ''Power Up''. It serve as a control station for the rail tracks of the Materials Transport system. It consists of maintenance areas and a generator that supplies power to the rail tracks. It is possible that the area was used for the maintenance of rail carts.


FileC2a1 track.jpg|The tracks.
FileC2a1 barney.jpg|Track Control.
FileC2a1b room.jpg
FileC2a1a area.jpg
FileC2a1a lift.jpg|The lift.
FileC2a1a mines.jpg|Ditto.
FileC2a1a hounds.jpg
FileC2a1a power.jpg|The power generator.
FileC2a1a pump.jpg|The pump.
FileC2a1 power.jpg|The transformers.

==Lambda Sector Transport==
The Lambda Sector Transport is a location featured in Opposing Force in the chapter ''Friendly Fire''. It is a sub section of the Materials Transport B and serve as a secured access for the Lambda Sector. The nearby areas include an office area and an Ordinance Storage Facility above the offices.


FileOf2a6 tunnel.jpg
FileOf2a6 gate.jpg
FileOf2a6 cart.jpg
FileEmployee of the Month.jpg
FileFriendly Fire 2.jpg
FileFriendly Fire4.jpg
FileMassn bomb truck.jpg
FileBlack ops truck1.jpg


FileC2A2A SIGN2B.png|Unused sign.
FileC2A2A SIGN2C.png|Unused sign.

==High Altitude Launch Center==
The High Altitude Launch Center is a location featured in ''Half-Life'' in the chapter ''On A Rail''. It consists of Silo E, a silo converted into a fully-functional Black Mesa satellite|satellite delivery rocket launchpad (the Satellite Rocket Loading Bay), and the Launch Control building. This is used by the Lambda Team, with the help of Freeman, to launch the satellite that later help revert the Resonance Cascade.


FileC2a2h center.jpg|The launch center.
FileC2a2h room01.jpg|Inside.
FileC2a2h rocket.jpg|The delivery rocket.

==Sector E Line==
It is connected to the Green Line of the Black Mesa Transit System.. Connected to Area 9 Security Checkpoint, that Black Mesa Transit System line is located below the Sector B Line and above the Sector C Line. Its directions are unknown.''Half-Life Blue Shift''

==Sector E Subsurface Transport==
Level A of this Black Mesa Transit System section can be accessed from Sector C Line, where the G-Man is first seen in ''Half-Life'', and leads to an unnamed area where the first Shock Trooper a zombie security guards are encountered.

==Behind the scenes==
FileRiller sector e.jpg|200px|thumb|Riller's name in the Materials Transport, more visible after throwing explosives at it and image overbrightening.

''Half-Life'' includes several unused signs for the Track Control and the Materials Transport. According to these textures, both locations were originally part of Sector D. There was to be a Train Hub in the Track Control; an Administration area with three levels, and Loading Bays in the Materials Transport.

The unused Materials Transport sign "c2a2a_sign2b", which says Subsurface Transport Level A, was recycled for ''Opposing Force'', and it appears in the Sector C line of the transit system. The filename prefix indicates that the sign was to appear in the second map of the chapter ''On A Rail''.

===Easter eggs===
In ''Half-Life'', Dave Riller's name, a level designer who worked on the Materials Transport levels, appears in the map c2a2c, under grates, which can be entered from a hole under the stairs. This was removed in the console ports of the game. In Opposing Force, the names S. Jones (scientist)|S. Jones and S. Reardon appear in an office found near the Lambda Sector Transport. These are nods to Gearbox employees Sean Reardon and Steven Jones.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' {{C|Black Mesa Transit System map only}}


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