Sector B

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|image=FileC1a1c canal02.jpg|250px
|name=Sector B
|destroyed=200-, during the Black Mesa Incident
|location=Black Mesa Research Facility
|era=Black Mesa Incident
|affiliation=Black Mesa
{{Quote|Hey, you got the wrong airlock, Mr. Freeman. You know I can't let you through here.|Black Mesa Security Force|Black Mesa security guard|Half-Life|Filec1a0 ba headdown.ogg}}

'''Sector B'''''Half-Life'' is one of the seven main CategoryBlack Mesa Sectors|Sectors of the Black Mesa Research Facility.FileTram map 01.png|Black Mesa Transit System map It is connected to the Blue Line of the Black Mesa Transit System.

==Coolant Reservoir Facility==
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This area consists of halls and rooms with metal walls, somewhat resembling a maintenance area. It is restricted to Gordon Freeman, and is inaccessible before the incident. It is connected to a canal through a large lift. The canal leads to an elevator that takes the player to the Administrator Center in Sector D.

==Area 2 Administration Offices==
As seen in the FileBarney schedule.jpg|Security Shift Schedule given to Barney Calhoun, Sector B features an Area 2 Administration Offices. Two security guards started their Yellow (from 0900 to 2200) and Green (from 2100 to 1000) Shifts there on May 15|May 15, 200-.''Half-Life Blue Shift'' instruction manual

==Sector B Line==
A medium-security line on the Black Mesa Transit System that is connected to the Area 9 Security Checkpoint.

FileEarly sci sectorb.jpg|Sector B entrance.
FileDead sci at Sector B entrance.jpg|Ditto.
FileValve video06.png|A possible early version.{{Abbr3|i|As seen in valve.avi.}}
FileSector b 02.jpg|Sector B area.
FileSector b 03.jpg|Ditto.
File0007-sci box.jpg|Scientist hiding in a dumpster.
FileSector b 01.jpg|Ditto.
FileHLPF 35.png|Houndeyes.{{Abbr3|i|The original filename is trans10006, which means the name of the map was trans.}}
FileEarly houndeyes ready to attack.jpg|Ditto.
FileEarly sci on footbridge.jpg|The canal.
FileHLPF 34.png|Ditto.{{Abbr3|i|The original filename is trans10002, which means the name of the map was trans.}}
FileEarly bridge 18.jpg|Ditto.
FileSewer video01.png|On the bridge.{{Abbr3|i|As seen in sewer.mpg.}}
FileSewer video02.png|Dangling scientist.
File0002-falling sci.jpg|Ditto.
FileSewer area04.jpg|Ditto.
FileEarly Barnacle closeup.jpg|Closer look.
FileTwo bullsquids trapped scientist.jpg|Bullsquids.
File0015-scientists crates.jpg|The crate room.
FileHLPF 20.png|Ditto.{{Abbr3|i|The original filename is Gd012, which means the name of the map was Gd.}}
File0015-scientists crates2.jpg|Ditto.
FileHl early BJ 34.jpg|Ditto.
FileIronic injury sign.jpg|Ditto.
FileHl early BJ 33.jpg|A mechanism used for moving crates.
FileHLPF 19.png|Ditto.{{Abbr3|i|The original filename is Gd007, which means the name of the map was Gd.}}
FileRats crate.jpg|Ditto.
FileSewer hgrunt.jpg|Ditto.

FileSector b door before.jpg|Sector B entrance.
FileSector b door after.jpg|Ditto, after the incident.
FileC1a1b area01.jpg|Sector B area.
FileC1a1b area02.jpg|Ditto.
FileC1a1b zombie.jpg|Ditto.

FileC1a1b drainage.jpg|Drainage tunnels.
FileC1a1c lift.jpg|The large lift.
FileC1a1c canal01.jpg|Ditto, its destination.
FileC1a1c canal02.jpg|The canal.
FileC1a1d crates.jpg|The crate room.
FileB corridor.jpg|One of the corridors around the Lower Canal.
FileEnd of Sector b.jpg|The elevator.

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*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Blue Shift''


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