Santego Military Base

|name=Santego Military Base
|location=WikipediaArizona|Arizona, USA, Earth
|era=Black Mesa Incident
|affiliation=*WikipediaUnited States Marine Corps|United States Marine Corps
*Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
*Military Police
|maps=ofboot0 to ofboot4
|designer=David Mertzhttp// David Mertz's personal website
{{Quote|My goal is simple As a right now, you are all maggots! You will not speak until spoken to, you will not sleep unless told to do so! When I ask you to jump, you will reply with "How high?"! Do you get me?|Dwight T. Barnes|Half-Life Opposing Force|Filebarracks02.ogg}}

The '''Santego Military Base''' is an WikipediaUnited States Marine Corps|United States Marine Corps-operated military base located in WikipediaArizona|Arizona, west of WikipediaNew Mexico|New Mexico, where the Black Mesa Research Facility is located. It appears in the training chapter for ''Half-Life Opposing Force|Opposing Force'', ''Half-Life Opposing Force storyline Camp (optional)|Boot Camp''.

FileBoot Camp2.jpg|The Armory.|thumb|200px|right

There Adrian Shephard receives his Advanced Training from before Timeline of the Half-Life and Portal universe 3|March 3 to c. Timeline of the Half-Life and Portal universe 15|March 15, 200-, under Drill Instructors Barnes and Sharp, among others. The base is guarded by the Military Police whose members prevent access to restricted areas, and operates vehicles such as Osprey Heliplanes and M44 cargo trucks.

Santego includes barracks, offices in the '''Tactical Operations Command''', helipads, and the '''Advanced Training Facility''', which includes the following sections

*'''Armory''', where Powered Combat Vests can be picked up and Charger|charged.
*'''Test Firing Chamber''', where the recruit is shown how the PCV protects him from bullets.
*'''Environmental Hazards Simulation''', where the recruit must get through miscellanea hazards such as fire, steam, electricity and radioactive waste, while being protected by his PCV. Its proper name is unsure; there is no sign at the start of the section.
*'''Nightvision Training''', where the recruit is shown how the nightvision goggles work.
*'''Basic Training''', where the recruit must perform basic movements.
*'''Rope Course''', where the recruit must climb ropes.
*'''Live Fire Range''', where the recruit is shot at and must avoid fire.
*'''Target Range''', where the recruit must learn how to use weapons.
**'''Pistol Range''', where the recruit must learn how to use the Desert Eagle.
**'''Sniper Range''', where the recruit must learn how to use the M-40A1 Sniper Rifle.
*'''Squad Training''', where the recruit must learn to use his assets properly. The Engineer, the Medic and the radio communication are introduced.

During Shephard's training, the G-Man came several times to check on him, around March 3 and March 7.

==Known residents==
FileBarnes headshot.jpg|Senior Drill Instructor Dwight T. Barnes.|right|200px|thumb

*Drill Instructors
**Dwight T. Barnes {{C|Senior Drill Instructor}}
**Sharp {{C|Drill Instructor}}
**Several other Drill Instructors
*Military Police|MPs
*Trained HECU Marines
*Recruits, including at least
**List of minor HECU members|S. Bahl
**List of minor HECU members|P. Deupree
**List of minor HECU members|J. Faulkenbury
**List of minor HECU members|R. Heironimus
**List of minor HECU members|B. Martel
**List of minor HECU members|D. Mertz
**List of minor HECU members|L. Montgomery
**List of minor HECU members|R. Pitchford
**Adrian Shephard
**List of minor HECU members|M. Wardwell
*The G-Man {{C|Briefly}}

==Behind the scenes==

*Three animations to be used by Barnes and Sharp during Shephard's training at the Base were removed from the final game but can still be found in the shared model, "drill.mdl". They include blowing a whistle, shouting in a megaphone, and looking through binoculars.

*In Shephard's dormitory where ''Boot Camp'' starts, each trunk can be seen bearing the name of a Gearbox employee, such as Randy Pitchford, Stephen Bahl, Rob Heironimus, David Mertz, John Faulkenbury, etc., mirroring the CategoryEaster eggs|Easter egg from ''Half-Life'' in the locker rooms of the Anomalous Materials|Sector C of Black Mesa, among others.

*"Santego" is a variation of "Santiago", Spanish for "Saint James", "Yago" being an old Spanish form for "Jacob" or "James".

*The room right below Shephard's dormitory exists but can only be accessed by noclipping. Inside can be found an Easter egg, consisting in initials and a date ("DMM 1999"). "DMM" is the signature of Santego Military Base's designer, David Mertz|David M. Mertz; "1999" is the release date for ''Opposing Force''.


FileRecruit01.png|Recruit, white variant.
FileRecruit02.png|Black variant.
FileRecruit03.png|Hispanic variant.
FileDrill01.png|Drill Instructor.
FileDrill02.png|Black variant.
FileHgrunt hlof06.png|Military Police.
FileRECON op4.svg|Recruit logo.
FileOfboot10000.jpg|The G-Man seen in the Tactical Operations Command building.
FileOfboot10002.jpg|HECU soldiers gathering at Santego before leaving.
FileMp inside.jpg|MP in the the Advanced Training Facility.
FilePCV.jpg|The PCV in the Armory.
FileHevcharger3 1.jpg|PCV Charger in the Armory.
FileEngineer torch santego.jpg|Engineer performing his required task.
FileDmm bootcamp 1.jpg|David M. Mertz's signature.
FileDmm bootcamp 2.jpg|Ditto.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' {{1st}}

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