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'''''Run Off''''' is a multiplayer map in ''Half-Life 2 Deathmatch''. It was added to the game in the April 25, 2005 update.http// Steam - Update Friday, April 22 2005 on SteamPowered
==Behind the scenes==

''Run Off'' was inspired by the original ''Half-Life'' multiplayer map ''Crossfire (multiplayer map)|Crossfire''. It is based on the ''Half-Life 2'' map d1_canals_07, and also reuses a drainage ditch area from d1_canals_08.


*Stacking a few props makes it possible to get on top of the combine side (for Team Deathmatch) bunker entrance. This trick allows one to survive the airstrike undamaged while being outside the bunker.
*Using the "noclip" cheat reveals an inaccessible sewer tunnel between the docks and the drainage ditch. It was likely supposed to connect the two areas for a better map flow, as the drainage ditch is a dead end, but was left blocked off for some reason.


FileRunoff dock.jpg|The pier.
FileRunoff drainage.jpg|The drainage ditch.
FileRunoff bunkerdoor.jpg|One of the bunker doors closing during an airstrike.
FileRunoff bunker.jpg|Inside the bunker.
FileRunoff controlpanel.jpg|The Combine interface|Combine control panel used to call in airstrikes.
FileRunoff airstrike.jpg|An incoming airstrike.


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