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'''Dr. Rosenberg''' is a scientist working at the Black Mesa Research Facility. In ''Half-Life Blue Shift'', Barney Calhoun helps him and two of his colleagues escape from Black Mesa. Along with Richard Keller|Dr. Richard Keller, he also plays an important role in the events of ''Half-Life Decay'', standing by the side of the two main protagonists, Gina Cross|Dr. Gina Cross and Colette Green|Dr. Colette Green. 



Rosenberg is assigned to advanced physics research in the Sector C|Anomalous Materials Laboratory and Sector F|Lambda Complex. He is at the front of many scientific advances, such as the Anti-Mass Spectrometer, which he designed.''Half-Life Decay''

His rank is unknown, but he has the highest level of security clearance, and judging by his habit of automatically issuing instructions to other advanced researchers, it would appear that he has a high level of seniority within the Science Team. 

Rosenberg was among the first Black Mesa scientists to work on teleportation and was among those working on the experiment that eventually led to the Black Mesa Incident.''Half-Life Blue Shift''


====''Half-Life Decay''====
FileHt01 argument.jpg|left|200px|thumb|Rosenberg and Richard Keller having a discussion in the Control Room under Test Lab C-33/a.

When Doctor Gina Cross|Gina Cross and Doctor Colette Green|Colette Green first arrive at the test chamber's Control Room and are receiving instructions from Dr. Keller, Rosenberg interrupts them and voices his concern to Keller over having the Anti-Mass Spectrometer run above 90% capacity, which is past the safety buffer zone for the equipment. Dr. Keller, however, dismisses his concern and states that the Wallace Breen|administrator's orders for this are clear. Keller then tells Rosenberg that he could either stay and watch the experiment or return to his labs by the train yards. Rosenberg remains, and shortly thereafter the Resonance Cascade occurs. Rosenberg feels a huge amount of guilt over the Resonance Cascade and believes himself to be most responsible.

Immediately after the disaster, Rosenberg converses with Dr. Keller over what they should do. Rosenberg makes clear that he believes their greatest responsibility should be to maintain the safety of all Black Mesa personnel|Black Mesa staff. Although Keller believes that they should attempt to reset the displacement fields first, he eventually comes to an agreement with Rosenberg. They soon come up with a plan to contact the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|military so that they can help the staff and evacuate the facility as soon as possible. Gina and Colette escort Rosenberg through the Hazard Course to a satellite communications center on the surface, where he is able to transmit a distress signal to the military. Dr. Rosenberg elects to wait there for the army, and this is the last time Gina and Colette ever see him, as they return below to assist Dr. Keller. However, they hear him speak later on.

====''Half-Life Blue Shift''====
FileRosenberg discovered.jpg|Rosenberg being discovered by Calhoun in the Train Yard.|right|200px|thumb 

Soon, Rosenberg makes the grisly discovery of the military's ulterior motives of silencing all of the facility's personnel. With the help of fellow scientists Harold, Walter Bennet, and Simmons, he tries to enact an escape plan to get out of Black Mesa. During this time, though, he is captured by soldiers and held captive in a freight car for questioning. Meanwhile, Harold is cornered and fatally wounded. Before Harold dies, Barney Calhoun discovers him and kills the two soldiers who attacked him. Harold then instructs Calhoun to find Dr. Rosenberg to help him with his plan. 

Calhoun is able to overcome the military occupying the Train Yard and frees Dr. Rosenberg. The latter then informs him that their plan is to use the equipment in the disused Section A-17 Prototype Labs to teleport to safety. Additionally, he adds that the scientists have faith in a man named Gordon Freeman. Rosenberg do not share their optimism, and wonders how so many people think one man would be able to reverse the catastrophe of the Resonance Cascade.

FileBennett rosenberg talking.jpg|left|200px|thumb|Walter and Rosenberg discussing their escape plans. 

He then leads Calhoun to the Prototype Labs where Walter Bennet and Simmons are already preparing the teleport. Rosenberg instructs Calhoun that he has to activate and align a relay device on Xen in order for them to be able to accurately set their destination. Calhoun travels to Xen and is successful in accomplishing this task, but after returning through the portal back to Earth, they discover that they need another power cell to replenish the teleport's power for their escape (it is at that point that Gina and Colette, temporarily caught in a harmonic reflux, hear Rosenberg's voice calling Calhoun through the portal). Rosenberg, again, directs Calhoun to venture into hostile territory. Though guilty about sending his savior into such danger, he notes that the rest of them are essential to complete upgrades to the teleport and lack combat training that Calhoun has. Additionally, he rallies all nearby scientists and security staff (of which there are few) to assist Calhoun so they can all get out.

Although all the men that Rosenberg rallies die, Calhoun acquires a newly charged power cell from the lab's sub-basement and delivers it to Rosenberg, Simmons, and Walter. Rosenberg then initiates the system and brings it online. They all narrowly avoid the military's invasion of the Prototype Labs, teleporting to safety at the entrance of the Black Mesa South Access Tunnel, before escaping in an SUV towards an uncertain future.

As Barney Calhoun survived, it can be surmised that Rosenberg, Walter, and Simmons lived as well. However their fate remains unknown to the other Black Mesa survivors.http// Stephen Bahl as quoted on Marc Laidlaw Vault on the Forums

==Behind the scenes==
FileRosenberg hazard course.jpg|Rosenberg supervising Barney's Black Mesa Hazard Course for Security Guard Training.|right|200px|thumb 

*In ''Blue Shift'', Rosenberg makes his first appearance during the ''Half-Life Blue Shift storyline Course (optional)|Hazard Course'' training, long before Calhoun encounters him in the train yards. He can be seen in an observation room during the duck-jump portion of the training. This may be an error. The Hazard Course levels were originally made for ''Half-Life'', and recycled for the PC version of ''Blue Shift''. The original level has Slick, the fourth scientist variation in the same spot. Rosenberg replaces Slick in ''Blue Shift''.

*The proper spelling for "Rosenberg" can be found in his ''Blue Shift'' texture files, as well as his sound folder. In the ''Decay'' files, his sound folder and model are also named likewise. In the sentences.txt, he's called "Dr. Rosenburg".

*Placeholder dialogue for Rosenberg voiced by Harry S. Robins can still be found in the game files.

*In some ''Decay'' maps, Rosenberg's entity is named "Rosencrantz". This may be a reference to WikipediaRosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead|Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, the play that inspired ''Opposing Force''.

*While Rosenberg is using the default scientist model as a base with no changes, he has his own unique head, based on the fourth scientist variation "Slick" with minor changes. Rosenberg also replaces Slick in ''Blue Shift'', which is why Slick makes no appearance in the game.

*Rosenberg has more health than a normal scientist. Furthermore, in ''Blue Shift'' he doesn't get angry or scared when he accidentally or intentionally gets shot by the player.{{IA|20051026043808/http//{{=}}/files/resources/|''Half-Life Blue Shift'' - Level Design SDK|Valve ERC (August 31, 2001)}}


*Rosenberg's first name is often referred to as "Stanley". However, this is WikipediaCanon (fiction) of fictional canons|fanon, as it was coined for the defunct ''Half-Life'' mod ''http// Half-Life Escape Velocity''.

*His name and appearance may be based on the real life Jewish American scientist WikipediaJulius and Ethel Rosenberg|Julius Rosenberg, who was executed with his wife Ethel in 1953 after having been found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage.

===''Half-Life Blue Shift''===

FileHlbs rosenberg.png|Rosenberg.
FileHlbs rosenberg hd.png|High Definition version.
FileHlbsdc rosenberg.png|Dreamcast version.
FileRosenberg is pleased.jpg|Rosenberg is pleased to see that the Section A-17 Prototype Labs installations are still in good condition.
FileRosenberg portal.jpg|Rosenberg escaping through the Prototype Labs teleport.
FileBs outro.jpg|Walter, Simmons, Rosenberg and Calhoun on their way to freedom and safety outside the Black Mesa South Access Tunnel.

===''Half-Life Decay''===

FileHldy rosenberg.png|Rosenberg.
FileHt01 argument.jpg|Rosenberg and Richard Keller in an argument.
FileHt01 plan.jpg|After the incident.
FileHt02 entrance.jpg|In Hazard Course.
FileHt02 console.jpg
FileHt02 elevator.jpg
FileDy hazard0033.jpg
FileHt03 fence.jpg
FileHt03 link01.jpg
FileHt03 radio02.jpg|Rosenberg sending an emergency signal to the military.

==List of appearances==

*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life'' PlayStation 2 instruction manual {{Po}}
*''Half-Life Decay''


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