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'''Rob Heironimus''' is a level designer and writer who worked at Gearbox Software.

Rob created levels for ''WikipediaQuake (video game)|Quake'', before he was discovered by Rebel Boat Rocker. After the cancellation of their first project, the core team formed Gearbox Software, where he worked as a lead level designer. He conceived and created much of ''Half-Life Opposing Force'', and served as the creator and lead designer of ''Half-Life Blue Shift''.

With Stephen Bahl and Kristy Junio, Heironimus co-wrote the story for ''Half-Life Opposing Force'', and the story for ''Half-Life Blue Shift'' with Randy Pitchford and David Mertz.

===''Half-Life Opposing Force''===
*''Incoming''http// Randy Pitchford's .plan update on Blue's News (March 23, 2000)
*''Welcome to Black Mesa''
*''We Are Not Alone''

A photo of Rob (taken by his co-worker John Faulkenbury) from Easter 1998 with plastic Easter eggs in his eye sockets can be found both in ''Half-Life Opposing Force'' and ''Half-Life Blue Shift''.http// John Faulkenbury's comment on The Easter Egg Archive The photo is usually placed in levels created by Rob.

==Selected gameography==
*Half-Life (Dreamcast port)|''Half-Life'' (Dreamcast port) (2001)
*Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)|''Half-Life'' (PlayStation 2 port) (2001)
*''Half-Life Opposing Force'' (1999)
*''Half-Life Blue Shift'' (2001)


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